X-Men Arcade Returns from Antiquity!

A relic of my youth is resurrected for PSN and XBLA.

Wow. I remember seeing this waaaaay back in the 90s and plunking quite a few tokens into the four-player machine. This was a pretty simple beat ’em up, made awesome of course by the characters (at that time I lived and breathed the X-men comic). The gameplay is pretty straightforward and designed to suck out tokens from your pocket like a thirsty giraffe. Still, it was loads of fun to have the whole gang fighting alongside one another, even if you got left as the player controlling Dazzler. The next awesome X-men game would be the one-on-one fighter, X-men: Children of the Atom, which would come much later. But this was a classic. On the downside, I much prefer the Aliens VS Predator beat ’em up to this (Linne Kurosawa rocks) or even The Simpsons game. Give me those titles for download and I’ll be really interested.


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