The Uphill Battle for SSFIV Arcade Edition DLC

If you’re one of those SF fans holding out to see the additional fighters Yun and Yang to jump from the arcade to your home version of Super Streetfighter IV, you may be in for a disappointment. Though SF producer Yoshinori Ono has been working for the past week or so to get approval for the as-yet-arcade-only extra fighters to be made available as DLC, it seems that hopes are dim.

The problem though, weirdly enough, seems to lie with the upper management of Capcom USA. While Ono has already secured approval from his Japanese superiors, it seems that the suits in America don’t deem it to their interests to give gamers a little bit more extra for their game. Or so we are told through Ono-san’s Twitter.

Really, Capcom USA? Are you that stingy or dense? The more is always merrier. If you hold out on the fans who keep your games alive… well…

Ah, who the freak cares. I don’t really care about Yun or Yang. I’d much rather that Ono-san concentrate on Streetfighter X Tekken, honestly. But still, Capcom USA should fix this matter asap, or risk quite a bit of bad will from gamers. Angry mobs are never a good thing.


One Response to “The Uphill Battle for SSFIV Arcade Edition DLC”

  1. Satsuinohado Says:

    Yeah first we get to see all this about evil ryu and shin akuma so i thought but where the fuck is violent ken this is some freaking ken hate…..but now we arent even getting anything =(.

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