Marvel vs Capcom 3 Storyline Revealed

Kotaku just posted a pic of text shown off at the current New York Comic Con that pretty much reveals the storyline behind the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Apparently in an effort to conquer both their worlds, the evil Victor Von Doom and Albert Wesker have joined forces to bring their universes together. However, their doing so has unleashed an even more powerful evil that neither universe has ever seen before. Chaos and lots of fighting ensues! Check out the original article here.

The mash-up brawler also got its roster buffed up a bit with the recent reveals of Rad Spencer (from Bionic Commando) and Arthur (Ghosts n’ Goblins). As yet unseen but said to be also added in on the Marvel side are Magneto and Modok.

It’s not really new or unexpected, but it sure gets the job done when it comes to explaining why superheroes are battling videogame characters. Have to say, MvC3 isn’t exactly on top of my hot list, but I’ll be sure to check this out. The game is due out sometime next year.


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