Meet the Characters of Valkyria Chronicles 3

Kurt and his girls are ready to fight!

Adriasang just posted tons of cool screens and character art for the next chapter of the Valkyria Chronicles series, Valkyria Chronicles 3 (PSP). Among the images are some kick-ass art of main hero Kurt Irving, Valkyr sweetie Riella and bad-ass gunner Imuka. Also in the article along with the heroes of the Nameless Squad are the game’s antagonists, namely the main members of the Empire’s Calamity Raven group- the CR’s leader Dahau, his second-in-command Lydia and sword-wielding Darcsen warrior, Zig.

Also appearing in some screenshots are characters from both the first and second VC games- apparently you’ll be seeing Welkin, Alicia and Squad 7 again, as well as Juliana from Lanseal Academy. Will we see anyone from Class G though?

I have to say I am loving the artworks and the somewhat darker, more gritty feel of this one. As a total addict of the second game currently, I am really looking forward to more turn-based shocktrooping come next year on the PSP. More as I get it then!

You can check out the original article with all the artworks here.


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