Top 5 Characters I Want Back in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Namco-Bandai’s Tekken series has been around a long time… in fact, over 16 years at last count. In that time, fighters have come, gone, come back and left again. Ten years ago, several M.I.A. Tekken alumni returned to play again in the original Tekken Tag Tournament. Now with TTT2 in development, fans are wondering who among the missing will find their way back into the game? As Katsuhiro Harada has stated that TTT2 will have the biggest roster ever in a Tekken game, we can assume that everyone from Tekken 6 will more or less return, with several additional fighters. Here are my picks for classic characters to make a comeback in Summer 2011…

5. Alex. First appearing in Tekken 2, this intelligent boxing Velociraptor was last seen running off into the sunset to parts unknown. He’s the least of my comeback characters since he’ll probably be just an alternate skin for Roger Junior. I’d prefer him to be buffed up with unique moves or even a special stance all his own, perhaps a low-to-the-ground crawling stance similar to that of Soul Calibur’s Lizardman. A redesign to make him more feral-looking and perhaps an ability to turn invisible (reference to the Tekken anime) would be kinda cool… maybe.

4. Michelle Chang. Even though Julia’s still going strong, we’ve seen before in the first Tag Tournament that the elder Chang still keeps in shape and can kick righteous ass. Michelle could play like her classic self or Julia, and hopefully come back with those saucy zebra skin leggings.

3. Dr. Bosconovitch. Long a fixture in the background stories of the Tekken saga, this near-legendary figure finally made an in-game appearance waaay back in Tekken 3 as a hidden character. With a fighting style that often consisted of him lying on his back, Dr. B. could do with a lot more off-kilter moves afforded to him by his scientific genius that should make him a favorite among those who dig unconventional, oddball characters. Oh, and a team-up with Alisa would be pretty darn cool.

2. Kunimitsu. This mysterious and sexy ninja renegade just may make a return in TTT2. Both Raven and Yoshimitsu may find her a strong rival or ally, and perhaps she’ll get even more unique moves than she did in the first Tag Tournament- perhaps to make her half-Manji style, half-conventional ninja. Also, I’m hoping we can customize her to finally get a look at what’s under the mask…

1. Jun Kazama. Perhaps the Holy Grail of Tekken MIA’s, the almost angelic Jun should hopefully fight only with the slightest of similarities in style to Asuka, save for the bread-and-butter basics. Perhaps she’ll be the more defense-oriented and evasive of the female Kazama-ryu fighters, as opposed to Asuka’s more offensive leanings. Teamed up, they’d be a counter-crazy, combo-riffic duo.

If one or two of this list shows up in either the arcade or console versions of TTT2, that would be great. It’s still a long way off, but I think there’s a good chance fans will be very happy with what the Tekken Team will dish out next year. How about you guys? Who or what will you be expecting to tag in for TTT2?


10 Responses to “Top 5 Characters I Want Back in Tekken Tag Tournament 2”

  1. Nice choice mate!

  2. I want Alex back. Like you say. Not just an outfit for Roger. A bit more Jurrasic Park. Less punchy and more bitey and kicky. Dr B was kind of funny to frustrate other people with. I’d quite like Ogre back too.

    Make Nina hot like she was in T5, put in some customisations that are worthwhile, and give me my freaking velociraptor! Then I’ll buy this.

    Who am I kidding? I’ll buy it even if it’s total balls.

  3. kim kämpe Says:

    Kazuya and Devil is a must of course otherwise it’s not Tekken Tag Tournament

  4. 5. Combot (palette swap) (or if i’m not allowed palette swaps then Unknown)
    4. Devil Kazuya
    3. Jinpachi (non demon form)
    2. Ogre/true Ogre
    1. Kunimitsu

    I personally don’t see the point in bring back characters who have techically been replaced (ie – Jun/Asuka)

  5. Jinpachi confirmed. That’s one MIA/Dead character returned. Who else will be revealed soon..?

  6. I want Miharu as an alternative outfit for Xiaoyu!!

    Bocko will be great. And Ogre/true ogre. And Jun (undead?). And Kunimitsu!


  7. harada please Says:

    Dr B would be awesome.. he totally unique.

    I miss gon.. but someone here said harada has no right for the gon character..

    the game soundtrack should have styles of tekken 3 and 4.. it would be classic.

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