Tekken Tweets! Straight from the Harada’s Mouth

Tonight was a fruitful night of Katsuhiro Harada dropping hints about his upcoming beat ’em up sequels. If anything though, the best thing we can glean is that, YES, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is headed for consoles after the arcade release (as if there was ever any doubt). Now then, the info we’ve gathered are…

The order of release for the ‘Fighting Game Festival’ series of titles will be as follows: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Arcade), Streetfighter X Tekken, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Console), then last but not least, Tekken X Streetfighter.

Four player simultaneous play is being considered (for TTT2).

The Tekken Team is aware that Bonus Games (such as Tekken Bowling) are popular, and as such are considering adding such modes in TTT2.

Character Customization will be available for TTT2, although when asked if it will be the same as that in Tekken 6, Harada said that they are ‘planning new system for console’.

Character Customization will also be available in Tekken X Streetfighter.

As before, the Tekken characters will speak in a variety of languages and not just Japanese.

An alarming number of Tweets are asking for Harada (and Ono) to be Boss Characters in their upcoming games.

The one disappointing thing in all this? If we go by the mentioned time table, there won’t be any proper and canon Tekken sequel, apparently for the next two years or so. On the one hand, this may ensure that when indeed the game known or considered as ‘Tekken 7’ appears, it should have the same leap in graphic quality as T6 did from T5DR, as well as inclusive changes in gameplay and content. The upcoming TTT2 and TXSF are both still within the family of Tekken 6, mostly sharing the same look and feel (as far as we know).

Oh well. No word yet on when we’ll see the next big update for any of the upcoming Tekken games, but thankfully we have a nice bird to tweet us these little bits. More as it comes!


2 Responses to “Tekken Tweets! Straight from the Harada’s Mouth”

  1. Off topic ttt2.. is it true that chapter 12 for tekken comic has came out and is the final chapter?

    • There has been no official word on this afaik, but the comic did reach a point which may be considered a ‘conclusion’. It may be on hiatus but all we can do is wait and see.

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