10 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite

Man, don’t mess with Pinkerton guys…

Here’s a pretty awesome 10 minute gameplay clip from the upcoming Bioshock Infinite, the sequel to 2K’s critically-acclaimed genetically-enhanced shooter. Previously we’ve only been told of the events in this clip, but now we can see it in all it’s violent awesomeness. Plasmids are back, including faves like the lightning bolt and telekinesis powers, but there are definitely some cool new things you can do in conjunction with your lady friend. Rapture seems so far away from Columbia, but the familiar madness and manic action is pure Bioshock. This is still a long way off, but like the original, this video should go a long way to keeping us occupied with all the little details in it. Check it out!


One Response to “10 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite”

  1. Looking like a day 1 buy-! A shame day one is so very… far… away…

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