New Darkstalkers No Go, According to Ono Twitter

Those hoping to see Morrigan in action again in a new Darkstalkers game may be in for a disappointment. A recent Tweet on Yoshinori Ono’s Twitter answered a follower’s question about whether there’s going to be another DS title, and the response was:

Umm, I wish making DStalker.But,CAPCOM didn’t think it. Woe is me. =(

I think it’s pretty clear what it means. Right now, Capcom’s teams are hard at work on SSFIV AE, and then Streetfighter X Tekken, which should be on their plate for the next year or so at least. Perhaps after that, if the fighting genre indeed shows great response from gamers as Ono and Harada are intending, we’ll see a resurgence of these other titles.


One Response to “New Darkstalkers No Go, According to Ono Twitter”

  1. People are really demanding Darstalkers. I think we will see it made right after Street Fighter X Tekken also.

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