Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Story So Far…

Fighting games in 2011 look bright, indeed!

Fight fans all over are surely excited for the newly-announced Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I know I am. This is the closest we’re getting to more of our Iron Fisted Fave in the near future, and unlike the Crossover entries in the ‘Fighting Game Festival’, we don’t have to wait too long to see tag team action, Tekken-style. So, what do we know and what do we wanna know about this hot future fighter?

What’s so hot about it? The original Tekken Tag Tournament came out about 10 years ago in arcades, then went on to a superior PS2 console port. The ability to tag in your partner and do tag-in combos wasn’t new at the time (Dead or Alive 2 already got into the tag-team game first), but TTT was certainly a big hit in arcades, and many fight fans consider it the most fun Tekken.
TTT was also favored for including many fighters long missing from the canon series, such as Jun Kazama, Michelle Chang and Kunimitsu. Also popular was the end boss, Unknown, who was easily the hottest digital babe to sport black body paint.

Tekken 6? Not. Thinking that TTT2 is just Tekken 6 with added Tag Teamplay? Not really, sez Harada-san. The game will be using a NEW graphics engine that has the muscle to display up to four fighters onscreen at any one time. Also, the character models will be further upgraded and improved from Tekken 6.
As for the gameplay, the early trailer has shown that at the very least, the Bound! System from Tekken 6 will make a return. Also in will be stuff like multiple levels/floor breaks and walls. Aside from all that, Harada-san says to expect all-new game mechanics to combine with the old to make TTT2 gameplay very different from what we’ve seen so far.

Long in the Making. TTT2 isn’t just a spur of the moment thing- it’s been in the works for a while. In fact, Harada-san and the Tekken Team have been intending on doing a sequel to Tag even before the release of Tekken 6. Things have happened since then and apparently the time is now right and ripe for us to see two-on-two action again from Tekken… just in time to match up against the upcoming Mortal Kombat, I guess as well.

Crowded House. According to Harada-san, TTT2 will sport the BIGGEST roster yet in a Tekken game. Yep, even bigger than T6, which currently holds that record. What can we speculate? For starters, we can probably expect everyone from Tekken 6 to come back. Harada also mentioned in his Twitter that they are considering old characters as well- Jun Kazama, Kunimitsu, Michelle Chang? Maybe these ladies should start checking if their fighting costumes still fit… they may be seeing action in the near future.

Fashion Fighters! According to Harada-san’s Twitter, Character Customization will be back in Tekken Tag 2. Here’s to all the stuff before with tons of new outfits and items added!

Who’s the Boss? What final enemy awaits at the end of Tekken Tag 2’s fighter’s road? In the original, it was Unknown, a female fighter who many believed (perhaps erroneously) was a possessed Jun Kazama. Will she make a return? Or will it be an inexplicably young Heihachi Mishima– the mysterious, smiling figure from the trailer? Knowing how the Tekken Team has handled this so far, all we can expect is… the unexpected.

When? WHEN??? Early word is Summer 2011 in Japan. Of the three games in the so-called ‘Fighting Game Festival’ (this includes the two Crossover Fighters), TTT2 will be the first to be released. That’s actually not too far away, but that’s for an arcade release. When will it come to consoles? No clue yet, but according to Harada-san, they are aware that many territories outside of Japan (US for example) don’t have a big arcade scene thus they will try their best to get the game to these fans as soon as possible.
Here’s hoping that this means a console port (to both PS3 and Xbox360) sooner rather than later as it was with Tekken 6.

There surely will be more information and content from TTT2 coming in the weeks and months ahead, as I believe that Harada-san will only be too glad to give their baby more attention instead of Tekken X Streetfighter, which is still far, far away. More as we get it then!


8 Responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Story So Far…”

  1. it would be awsome if they had a level up system like in call of duty where you unlock new features every level

  2. OMG, I’m already wondering who’ll be coming back… I hope Jun does, though. She’s awesome!!! I wonder how cool the character items will be this time…

  3. Jack Maker Says:

    Character Customization will be back in Tekken Tag 2. That is two extra Tekken games. Alright hardcore lovers you wishes are coming true. Don’t troll me after these games come out because I am gong to peacefully wait on Tekken 7(hoping for create a fighter).

  4. i like body paints because it could be used to portray art using your own body,;;

  5. body paints are quite nice when you are out on a pool party or just about any party ,:’

  6. Century Alpha Says:

    I don’t think they should consider old characters, I believe the decision to add Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 characters should have already been made.

    Jun, Kunimitsu, Alex, Roger, P-Jack, Gun-Jack, Unknown, etc.

    Those should all be in it in any case.

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