Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Revealed at TGS!

Next year is gonna double the Iron-fisted Fun!

As you would have it, ALL my guesses in the previous article were wrong, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this awesome wringer from Harada-san. The announcement is of course a sequel to the first in-house mash-up Tekken, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Apparently TTT2 is part of a series dubbed the ‘Fighting Game Festival’, which includes the two cross-over titles, Streetfighter X Tekken and Tekken X Streetfighter. TTT2 will be the first game in this series to debut, tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2011 arcade release in Japan (other regions are as yet TBD). The game is expected to move to consoles afterwards.

Like the original, TTT2 will feature tag-team attacks including unique moves depending on special teams of characters (such as Asuka and Jin). In the original, the round ends when one member of the team is knocked out. According to Harada, it’s been ten years since the first TTT, so there’s going to be a lot of changes and developments. The game will look similar to Tekken 6, but will actually have graphics and character models improved from the previous game and optimized to show off four fighters at once. Like the first title, TTT2 will be non-canon, so expect some surprises.

Revealed as well was a cool teaser trailer, which is in real-time. It shows off some new stuff, like tag-team throws and techniques which will make you squeal from the coolness. I also like how they added the bit of detail of Jin STILL being an ass, and Asuka and Lili’s rivalry. This is gonna be damn FUN.

For a full report along with screens from guys who were actually there during this cool reveal, check out SD-Tekken’s report over here.

With a Japanese arcade release pegged tentatively for Summer 2011, this actually isn’t that far off (relatively). Hopefully more info and footage will be seen soon. More as we get it then.


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