SFIV iPhone Updated with E.Honda, C.Viper and In-App Store

Two more challengers arrive to fight on-the-go.

Capcom has just posted the update to the iPhone version of Streetfighter IV on the appstore. The 284MB download will add classic world warrior E.Honda and SFIV debutante Crimson Viper to the roster, as well as add an In-App Store where you can purchase Ryu and Chun-Li’s alternate outfits (Ryu’s topless gi, Chun-li’s sexy blue dress). It’s a meaty download and well worth the effort to get for mobile brawlers.

Add a new outfit to Ryu and Chun-li for some spare change.

Taking a peek at the way the Character Select screen is now with the two newbies, I think that there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing four more fighters added in the near future. I’m hoping for at least Juri and Makoto, at least. Anyway, SFIV has so far proven an awesome investment for me with the added content (Cammy and Zangief were added the last time). This is a no-brainer for SF fans who have an iDevice (well, a phone- the app looks pretty bad on the iPad). Now, where’s that Tekken iPhone game?


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