Harada to Announce SOMETHING This Weekend

According to his Twitter, Namco-Bandai’s main man on the Tekken and Soulcalibur games, Katsuhiro Harada, will be announcing something on Saturday, at the Tougeki Booth at TGS. What could it be? Well, possibly it could be…

…News about Tekken X Streetfighter? This is what’s top of mind of a lot of gamers who are expecting it to be the better one of the two Crossover games with Capcom. Perhaps by now we’ll see more of what the game will look like? A trailer or video, perhaps?

…News about the Next Tekken? This is pretty much what the team’s working on, and should be out well before the Crossover Games. May be a bit early but who knows?

…News about the Next Soul Calibur? Recently Harada-san received a good deal of feedback from SC fans clamoring for a new sequel. Harada has supposedly talked to the Project Soul guys, so maybe we’ll hear an affirmative on a game being given a green?

…some fighting tournament, event or accessory? This is pretty much useless to me. Anyway, I don’t think he’d hype this kind of thing up, so probably not. It would be pretty disappointing for all the gamers not into any kind of tournament scene.

…an iPhone version of Tekken? Kinda cool but would probably piss off everyone who doesn’t own an iDevice. Pretty remote chance of this.

What the announcement probably ISN’T…

…that he’s getting married.

…that he’s resigning from Namco-Bandai and going to work for Team Ninja.

…that he’s an alien.

Tekken X Virtua Fighter… though I wish it were, actually.

Anyway, what can we do but wait till Saturday to get the news straight from the Harada’s mouth. To the weekend, warriors!


2 Responses to “Harada to Announce SOMETHING This Weekend”

  1. The surprise was Tekken Tag 2, baby. ^_^

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