Super Streetfighter IV Alternate Outfits Revealed!

Makoto cosplays as Tasuki Arisawa from Bleach!

For the past few days, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has been twittering like crazy to fans, dispensing teeny teases of upcoming stuff and, even better, concept art of upcoming alternate outfits for the fighters in Super Streetfighter IV. So far he’s released a good dozen or so at least, and some of them actually look pretty cool. My favorite is easily Makoto’s School uniform, which gives the karate kid a totally different, and thankfully feminine, look. Also top on my list is Sakura’s summer dress, though Rose is as frumpy as ever and Chun-li looks a bit too… big… in her Alpha costume.

In any case, there are still quite a few left to go, which may or may not be shown off tomorrow or announced tomorrow once TGS starts. Hopefully we’ll also find out when these DLC outfits will be available and how much they’ll set us back in MS points or PSN credits. For now, check out all the so-far revealed outfits over at Kotaku’s gallery.


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