Sega Registers ‘Final Showdown’ Trademark for Consoles: VF5FS Coming Home?

VF5FS coming to consoles? Please let it be so!

From a thread originally posted on SRK, a kernel of hope for fighting game fans pining for Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown to come home may have appeared. Apparently according to Japanese game site Game Nyarth, Sega has trademarked ‘Final Showdown’ for consoles. What does this mean? Well, the most obvious being that this may signify some intention by the Japanese game developer to release something called ‘Final Showdown’ on PS3 or Xbox360. Either it’s indeed a port or such of VF5FS or… another game named Final Showdown. What do you guys think?

Me? I’m freakin’ hoping for the freaking former. I want VF5FS playing on my console(s) in the near future. With a brand new resurgence of fighting games and as yet a vacancy in the field of any new 3D fighters (with the next Tekken, SF, their Crossovers and SoulCalibur not due for at least a year or two), it’s a great chance for Sega’s fighter to be top dog in the beat ’em up limelight in the meantime.

Come on, Sega. Make it happen. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown for consoles. COME ON. Hopefully there will be more info, or at least a bit more hope, with the upcoming TGS 2010. More as we get it then…


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