Poison Coming to SSFIV Arcade?

The Mad Gears Muse may just see action very soon.

If Capcom bigshot and Twitter Tease Yoshinori Ono’s latest ramblings are to be believed, the next fighter being hinted at for inclusion in the arcade version of Super Streetfighter IV may be the provocative, gender-inspecific Poison. So far SF fans in the Twitterverse are chippering away like crazy, and Ono-san isn’t denying anything.
Poison has had a pretty colorful history when it comes to being included (or near-included) in game rosters, what with the crappy Final Fight Revenge, the cancellation of Capcom All-Stars and her omission from Final Fight Streetwise. It’ll be interesting to see if she actually makes it into SSFIV arcade (and eventually to consoles), how she’ll fight and so forth. I’m sure her moves will in some way include handcuffs…

Anyway, here’s to Ono-san including real females as well as transsexuals in the roster eventually. More as we get it then…


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