Bad Girls ROCK! Juri Han Artworks

A bored Juri looking down on someone she just flattened.

I haven’t drawn much recently save the occasional sketch on my iPad, so it’s quite a pleasant surprise for me to suddenly find myself actually producing a couple of full-color artworks out of the blue. Anyway, here are a couple of portraits of Super Streetfighter IV’s resident bad girl, Juri Han, sporting her cow-hair ‘do and leprous evil eye, looking mean and nasty and ready to kick Interpol police girls in the chest. I’ll try to do more game artworks when I can, to supplement the other blogging I do around here. Who knows, maybe I can pull off some Tekken X Streetfighter action scenes while I’m at it. We’ll see.

A very nasty but also very cartoony-looking Juri. I blame watching too many Shank videos for that…


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