Dragon Age: Origins Final Chapter Coming!

Morrigan’s just desserts are about to be served.

Bioware’s hit RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, has seen a lot of expansions since the release of the debut game, and they’ve ranged from okay (Return to Ostagar) to meh (Leiliana’s Song). But really… if there’s any loose end worth chasing down post A.D. (Arch Demon), it’s… finding out where your dog went. NO! Obviously that’s the issue of SPOILER ALERT the fate of Morrigan and her (your) baby. For the benefit of those who didn’t play it (you should have, really)- things happened and you ended up bedwrestling with the Claudia Black-voiced enchantress and conceiving a child. No ordinary child this, but a child with the soul of an ancient god. After the final battle with the Darkspawn, Morrigan left and was never seen again.

Well, till now. Or, will be. Witch Hunt, the final DLC chapter of Dragon Age: Origins prior to Dragon Age 2, will tie up this hanging thread and reveal what happened to Morrigan, her child and what YOU as the Grey Warden Hero, are going to do about it. Will you reconcile and live happily ever after? Or will this all end in tears and bloodstains?

I absolutely loved DAO, so I’ll be picking this up posthaste once it releases on September 7 on both the PSN and Xboxlive Network for about $7. Till then, keep those Dragon Age save files ready!


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