Streetfighter X Tekken Gameplay at Gamescom

Ryu and Kazuya clash in the land of beer and sausage.

Here’s a clip from IGN showing off some slightly different gameplay from the still-far-off crossover fighter, Streetfighter X Tekken. As before in SDCC, Ryu and Kazuya, with their respective female backups Chun-li and Nina, show off some signature moves, combos and a tag team-up maneuver.

Streetfighter X Tekken live-action ala Mortal Kombat?

The day’s presentation also included segments with live actors playing Kazuya, Ryu, Chun-li and Nina, as well as Harada-san and Ono hamming it up in some skits. It all looks pretty silly but awesome in its own way. You can watch the WHOLE show, costumes, katas, comedy and all, here.

Aside from the glimpse of Ryu in Tekken X Streetfighter though, nothing totally new revealed. Hopefully there will be more along once TGS arrives next month. Till the next update!


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