First Look: Tekken X Streetfighter!

Devil Gene meets Satsui No Hadou? Freakin’ Awesome.

Kotaku just posted this scoop on Namco-Bandai’s Tekken X Streetfighter from the Gamescom floor. Though at this time only Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken is playable at the show (with the same gameplay as seen at the last SDCC), Katsuhiro Harada surprised guests with a VERY early look at his side of this crossover equation.

Ryu’s been Tekkenized!

Harada showed off a couple of screens showing off the character model for Ryu, in the more life-like, 3D Tekken style. However, it’s easy to see that the model’s very early and lacks the detail and quality you’d expect from something out of Tekken 6. Harada went on to explain that the model isn’t finished, and as yet was even using assets from existing fighters (Ryu was apparently wearing Paul Phoenix’s gi). He assured though that the Tekken team would work hard to not disappoint fans.

“Aren’t you a bit short for a Tekken Fighter?” Ryu’s actually wearing Paul Phoenix’s Gi for this image.

On a side note, Harada-san also mentioned in passing that his team was at present also busy with other things (such as, well… the next Tekken) and that his game would not be released until after Ono’s side has released theirs.

What can I say? Things look promising, even if Ryu’s model really looks very early (he kinda looks like Feng Wei). Looking at him though, it kinda comes out that Ryu just looks pretty… plain. Well, he IS supposed to be THE generic karate guy anyway, but maybe the Tekken team can add in their own touch to give him a bit more personality. Or perhaps it’s Ryu’s innate plain-ness that will allow him to look distinct in a game filled with lots of flashy-looking characters. We’ll see.
Anyhow, now I’m very interested to see how the other World Warriors will look going into this game. Pretty exciting, but hell… we’re gonna have a long time waiting for this one. Here’s to more stuff from the actual Tekken game holding the line in the meantime…


One Response to “First Look: Tekken X Streetfighter!”

  1. man i been waiting on this, this is awsome… Devil jin vs evil ryu.. so many fans have been debating this on 100s of forums, and ryu and jin my favorite characters lol.. i wounder if they gon make devil kazuya vs evil ryu on capcom version..

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