Want Soulcalibur V? Then Join the Petition!

Whether Ivy will jiggle back into battle may rely on YOU, the gamer.

UPDATE: Harada-san recently posted a tweet saying, “Ok everyone I’ll share your opinion with TK & SC project Team. Thank You!!” Perhaps this means that he’s seen the numbers and is now convinced a lot of fans want a new SoulCalibur? We’ll just have to wait and see.

All this time I’ve been operating on the assumption that Soulcalibur V is already in development. Perhaps it is, or perhaps it isn’t… but apparently we the gaming public may have a say if we’re going to see the Tales of Souls and Swords continue. Katsuhiro Harada, Namco-Bandai’s main man for the Tekken and Soul Calibur games, is apparently looking to see signatures from souls wanting to see more of the Calibur Crew in action. Once he sees enough people giving their vote for, he’ll supposedly relay the message to the dev teams to get to work. If you are a fighting fan like me, then it’s a no-brainer. We. Want. Soulcalibur V. Now.

To aid in this quest, click here to go to the Petition to Namco for Soulcalibur 5 Facebook Page and add your name to the many who have already professed their desire for more blade-wielding carnage on consoles.

That said, I scarcely think that this means that there isn’t any SCIV sequel in the works at the very least- surely they haven’t shut down Project Soul in the meantime. But I think that a large enough number of gamers who voice their desire for a new SC game will hasten the coming of the next sword-wielding sequel. In any case, click on the link, go to the Facebook Petition Page and LIKE it. The world needs another Soulcalibur game in the near future!


9 Responses to “Want Soulcalibur V? Then Join the Petition!”

  1. Thank you for putting this up. We are working very hard to make this a reality.

    • No problem. I love Soulcalibur myself, and the last couple of games partcularly- I want to see the series continue, and this just may help it happen sooner. Great work!

  2. samuelstokes Says:

    i want another caliber but with different characters that would be sick

  3. samuelstokes Says:

    i hope they make another caliber that would suck if they stop you konw

  4. I liked the psp verison and i hope they make a new one with new charcters like some1 with claws! i hope they make V and VI

  5. Jaime Valdez Says:

    I liked Soul Calibur i hoped they make SCV and also for the PSP Version thanks….

  6. Jaime Valdez Says:

    The Quick Match should be available again in SC V PSP Version,i want the 1st Title should be “Platinum Edge Master of the Phoenix”,it should have a symbol or trademark.,can you make another asian character w/the Fighting Style so called “Arnis”..

  7. They should make it and the special character should be gabrial from castlevania lord of shadow

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