The Force Unleashed II: The Return of the Comebacks

It’s pretty much impossible to not watch anything related to the upcoming Star Wars games, as they’re usually awesome CG cinematics (far more awesome than the actual games though). But while I’ll almost surely never play the Old Republic MMO, the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is something I may give the time of day… maybe. The first trailers, such as the awesome ‘Betrayal’ cutscene (where the new Starkiller simply SLAUGHTERS an entire Legion of Stormtroopers and other Imperial crap) wowed me.

However, the most recent couple of spots- basically the Yoda cutscene and the Boba Fett cameo are kinda turning me off a bit. It’s fan service, once again- it’s almost like every SW game has to have an appearance from the usual suspects, as if there was a list being ticked off systematically in development. Boba Fett appearance, check. Yoda, check. Millennium Falcon fly-by, check…

Anyway if the story’s cool and the gameplay’s much improved from the original, who knows… maybe I’ll give STFU2 a try instead of telling it to go STF- meh.


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