New Streetfighter X Tekken Screens show Babe Battles

Chun-li takes it to Nina.

Streetfighter producer Yoshinori Ono just posted a bunch of screenshots from his upcoming brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken. The 9 screens show off some new hit effects and action not seen in the previous trailer. This includes the female fighters also getting in on the fighting directly, with Chun-li giving Nina Williams a taste of her kicks. Actually, all of the screens have the World Warriors kicking the Iron Fist Fighters’ butts, leading me to believe that this is a bit of a gauntlet to the face from Ono to his rival, Harada-san over at Namco-Bandai. So, Tekken… where’s your answer?

Check out all the posted new screens over at Fighter’s Generation.


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