Batman’s Next Adventure will be Bigger, Crazier

Last year it was Batman: Arkham Asylum. Well, that seems to have been just a warm-up for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, coming next fall for PS3, Xbox360 and PC. Set one year after the events in the first game, BAC sees the infamous prison being relocated to the slum district of Gotham. Now under the management of the dubious Professor Hugo Strange, the larger expanse allows inmates to roam about more with a measure of freedom, provided that they never leave the confines of their abode. Sounds like it’s just a bigger pot of trouble to bubble over.

According to the report at IGN, the game will be more advanced than before, and include new adversaries for the Dark Knight to take on, such as Two-Face, who will be contending with The Joker for dominance over the prison’s peons. Then there’ll be Catwoman, who will serve a bit as Batman’s love interest and occasional ally in this troubled time. New gadgets, more combat options, more puzzling Riddler puzzles and sidequests will make this all something to look forward to in the near future.

This all sounds pretty awesome. The first Batman AA was triple-A, and is easily one of the best superhero-based games out. If they ratchet it all up a notch, this could be something else. I just hope they still put in Poison Ivy. Heh…


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