Crimson Viper to join iPhone SFIV as DLC!

Another challenger has entered the ring!

Capcom is going to continue supporting its portable Streetfighter IV on the iPhone, with at least one more DLC character on the way. Apple fans have already inserted Russian grappler Zangief and British special forces babe Cammy into their games… eventually they’ll be able to add in the tech-heavy secret agent Crimson Viper as well.

Viper made her first appearance in the original Streetfighter IV, a newcomer whose design was described by many a gamer as something from King of Fighters. Since then, the gadget-using femme fatale (her suit gives her most of her offensive abilities) has been though some changes. Originally evil S.I.N. mastermind Seth’s henchwoman in SFIV, she left his organization prior to Super Streetfighter IV, upon which she was replaced by Juri Han. Revealed to be an American C.I.A. agent working deep undercover, Viper’s goal is to wipe out S.I.N., Seth and his brethren.

What does that all mean for SFIV iPhone? Nothing much… just that when we finally get this kick-ass agent on our iToys later this year, we can appreciate her story more. C.V. will arrive as free DLC, though exact release dates are as yet unrevealed. More as we get it.


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