Tekken 6 pays off for Namco-Bandai

A lot of us bought this game.

Namco-Bandai, which suffered significant losses last year, surged ahead with welcome profits partly thanks to it’s flagship fighting franchise. Tekken 6, which was released for PS3 and Xbox360 last October, has so far sold 3.3 million units worldwide (according to a report by Gamespot.

This is truly great news for the Tekken franchise, and fans have much to look forward to in the futrue of the Iron Fist Tournament. The next Tekken game is reportedly already in development, while two Tekken-involved games, Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken and Namco’s own Tekken X Streetfighter, are also in the works.

All of these titles however are still in the early stages and probably won’t be seen in much substance for the moment. At this point, I wonder if NB’s other fighting title, Soulcalibur, isn’t due for any update? More as we get it then.


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