Iron Fisted! The Lone Gamer’s Tekken Movie Review

Does this fighter hit or miss?

Okay, I’ve seen it. After all this time, I’ve seen the Tekken live-action movie. It’s been months after the release of Tekken 6, the latest game in the series, the movie came out in Japan without much fanfare and surprisingly little news. Now it’s here and I guess all that’s left to be said is… how bad is it?

Surprisingly though… it’s actually NOT bad.

Tekken is what it is- a mixed martial arts revenge flick. Fortunately, thanks to the overall plot and character relationships, this IS a Tekken story, not just some generic beat ’em up flick with the Tekken brand pasted on it. That said, this isn’t a Tekken most fans will recognize either. Hardcore purists though will howl at the many liberties and omissions- Where’s my fave fighter? Why isn’t so-and-so there? Why did he/she get beat so quick? They changed what? EH? Well, sorry to say, anyone going into the theater looking for Tekken trappings like boxing kangaroos, giant robots or Devil Genes will be disappointed. Only about one fourth of the game’s roster of fighters appear in the film as well. Just accept that this is adapted from the Tekken game and not a canon addition to the game series, and just move on.

The movie takes a more gritty, real-world(?) approach to the storyline, breaking away from most of the supernatural and more fantastic elements from the games, instead focusing on the core plot of the Mishima Bloodline, the Mishima Zaibatsu AKA Tekken Corporation and Jin Kazama’s quest for vengeance. This more back-to-basics approach results in a solid, pretty easy to understand martial arts adventure, at the very least.

Learn how Jin Kazama got those rad gloves. No, really!

Set in a ravaged near-future earth that is just recovering from a time known as the ‘Terror Wars’, the setting of Tekken isn’t a nice place. There are no more governments as the world is now divided into sectors (rather than nations), each one controlled by one of six megacorporations, all collectively known as Iron Fist. The most powerful corporation is the Tekken Corporation (as opposed to just the Mishima Zaibatsu), which controls the territories that include the United States. Tekken is headed by its fierce but strangely honorable CEO, Heihachi Mishima (Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa).

In ‘The Anvil’, one of the many impoverished, danger-filled zones of Tekken City, lives Jin Kazama (Jon Foo), a streetwise youth who works part-time as a runner for smuggled tech. Talented in martial arts due to training from his mom, Jun (Tamlyn Tomita), Jin is often asked to join the underground resistance against the Tekken Corporation’s oppression against the civilians. Jin though would rather just do his own thing and use his earnings to buy little luxuries for his nearest and dearest. Read: This guy will run through freakin’ bullet storms to get his girlfriend a bite of chocolate. What a guy!

Unfortunately, his latest smuggling job inadvertently leads Tekken’s secret police, the ‘Jackhammers’, led by Heihachi Mishima’s son, Kazuya (Ian Anthony Dale), to his clients in the underground resistance, and then later to his own home. One explosion later, Jin’s an orphan seeking revenge on the one he believes responsible, Heihachi Mishima. It doesn’t take long for Jin to enter Tekken’s martial arts tournament itself, pitting himself against the world’s most dangerous fighters and making him an unwitting pawn in a power struggle within the Tekken Corporation.

Jin (Jon Foo) faces off against Miguel (Roger Huerta).

That’s basically what the movie’s about- there’s no big scheme to take over the world (Tekken is already IN control), no secret genetic experiments creating super soldiers using the fighters’ DNA, no mystical demon lord waiting behind the wings (Kazuya fills that in as the film’s biggest douche already). Jin just wants his pound of flesh, and along the way other characters either side with him or get in his way. But thankfully, the movie works since it rarely slows down with lots of hard-hitting action, some steamy sexy scenes with some hot ladies, and even more action.

Did I say there was action? Tekken is basically about a fighting tournament, and that saying it has a LOT of full-contact, brutal and bloody fighting. In comparison, the fights in other fighting game movies look either tame or comical. The only exception being the one girl-fight, which suffers a bit from too-quick editing and a truncated finish. Generally, while the fight choreography is pretty good and fierce, I do have one big gripe- too many weapons! Really, this isn’t Soulcalibur, and should have limited battling with tools considerably.

Overall, the acting ranges from good to adequate- adequate being that most of the characters appear just to look bad-ass or fight. Luke Goss’s scrappy Steve Fox (the fanboy in me however wishes that he was Paul Phoenix instead), is a welcome sympathetic presence to Jin, while Ian Dale’s Kazuya and Gary Daniels’ Bryan Fury are properly imperious and menacing. I don’t think they could have gotten a more Heihachi-ish Heihachi than Mr. Tagawa-san. Generally, the script is pretty tight and the dialogue never too hammy or over-the-top, so I never found myself cringing at any point.

The production’s casting expended some effort at least to have many of the appearing fighters look like their in-game counterparts. Raven (Darren Dewitt Henson), Eddy Gordo (Lateef Crowder) and Anna Williams (Marian Zapico) for example, look like they stepped off a PS3. On the other hand, Candice Hildebrandt’s Nina Williams, hotness aside, is dressed in an outfit that makes her look like kinky cosplay.

“Psst… Sergei… your top don’t match your pants, man…”

Perhaps two characters who will be debated on are Christie Monteiro and Kazuya Mishima. Kelly Overton’s female fighter is not Brazilian, and not really a Capoeira fighter like in the game. However she’s definitely gorgeous plus has a bigger part in the story than she ever had in the game so I think it balances out.
As for Kazuya, I think that Ian Anthony Dale does resemble Tekken’s main bad boy in my opinion, with his slicked-back hair, liking for long coats and sinister countenance (the little scar on the cheek is a subtle but nice touch)- although apparently they found a need for him to have a mustache and beard to twirl evilly. He’s out and out a villain here instead of the anti-hero in the game.

The most crucial role, however, is that of Jin Kazama, and thankfully Jon Foo acquits himself well in the sullen, angry role of the revenge-seeking pretty boy. As a martial artist himself in real life, Foo performs admirably in the many bone-cracking fight scenes, and you will feel this guy earns every hard-won match.

Hot female assassins? Check. Too bad Anna doesn’t see much action (in the arena).

In terms of visuals, the movie adopts a pretty bleak look- most of it is set at night, or in shadows with spotlights or gasoline fires, or neon lights. It’s like a low-budget Blade Runner world, with gun-toting goons in kendo masks running around, the odd CG hovercraft whizzing by and some rather kitschy prop-filled stages complete with properly chirpy commentators to simulate different settings for the various martial arts bouts. Overall though, what budget they had for the movie is used cleverly to make a distinct look for the film and a reasonable emulation of the game’s iconic characters.

Tekken will almost surely be compared to the two other (more or less) decent fighting game-to-movie translations in the past, Mortal Kombat and DOA. Whereas MK focused on its supernatural mythology and DOA on cheesecake, Tekken’s strength is in the actual fighting- down and dirty MMA-style beatdowns- and a fast-paced story with a few turns that will have you glued to the screen for the duration.

So how does Tekken rack up against the competition? I’ll go out and say it- Mortal Kombat has been the best fighting game-to-movie translation all this time… but now it has a challenger that strikes hard with pretty solid punch. Tekken’s gritty action scenes and fast-paced story and distinct visuals make it one of the better videogame movies and overall a pretty good martial arts flick even if you took out the game references.

You don’t have to know the entire roster of fighters or have to listen to hours of exposition to watch and enjoy this action flick. Go in with not so many high expectations but get ready to set your adrenaline on high. This isn’t Shakespeare. It’s not rocket science. THIS IS IRON FIST!

Tekken is now showing in Manila theaters. The film will have a direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray release in other territories.

One last note: There IS an extra scene after the credits roll, so if you have a bit of patience, sit back and wait for it.


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  1. Thanks for the review.. Love fight scenes, so it will probably be worth while for me..

  2. Hello
    This Movie sucks in every way possible.
    The story has very litle to do with the games plot, and the way its chewed down is unbelievable, total B-movie .
    The actors are horrible and have nothing in common with the games chars. ,except for some of the clothing they wear.
    WAY OVER half the Fighters are missing in the movie ,not even basic chars. Like Paul , lei wulong or King!!! are featured.
    Jack Is not some stupid Guy in a uniform taking orders but a powerfull Robot that also fights in the tournament.
    The Fights are boring.
    Jin Does not turn in to his demon form.
    And the list would go on and on and on and on ,……
    Not worth watching even one split of a second
    Realy BAD Movie and does not even get close to the first Mortal Kombat movie , along with Dead or alive this is the worst game to movie i have ever seen


    • I understand your frustrations. But the worst game movie you’ve ever seen?

      Well, I guess you haven’t seen Streetfighter: Legend of Chun-Li.

    • i think your stupid they said there was going to be a number two so fuck off and suck my dick

      • LOL john is a retard and Likes his dick sucked by dudes well you prob never had sex in your life nor do you have a Dick you lil ,BITCH

    • Writer6886 Says:

      Dude this movie was epic. Yes the storyline was off but hell I like to see you do better with a Tekken Movie. I was upset not to see King and Jin’s rival Hwoarang but too many characters would have ruined this movie. Storyline was amazing and the fights were incredible. My advice to you lighten up and get some glasses!

    • Dude, you want an exact game replica…. those always end up sucking. The best Game to Movie adaptations is when things get changed a little bit because it adds new flavor to something we already know. Why would I want to pay to see something I already know. Take Silent Hill, That movie had many tributes to the game but didn’t follow the plot of the games, only loosely. But that movie was amazing and captured what the games were all about, suspense and story. Tekken is the same way. The game is about beating the crap out of each other with different martial arts styles. I like the fact it was more realistic then filled with Demon Jins and Robot Jacks and fighting Panda bears. It gave the illusion that this could really happen. I liked how they referenced characters and the fact Steve wasn’t a fighter, I think, was a brilliant move. Grow up and except a valiant effort and stop being critical of an adaption (meaning not exactly the same) that did the game some justice.

      • I dont agree the movie is horrid if i want to c a realistic fighting movie i can watch bloodsport or other fighting movies with way more quality,
        If they call the movie Tekken …well then it should b Tekken. not this crap

  3. Awesome review. Just stumbled upon it and was pleased to see someone shares my opinions on it. Yeah, it sits right between DOA and MK on the Fighting Game Movie scale. Obviously that doesn’t make it a GOOD movie, but it was a good adaption and fun in a cheesy Zelda Cartoon sort of way.

    I mean for fuck’s sake they have a STAGE SELECT SCREEN IN THE MOVIE!

    Actually, considering how awful both the anime and many comic book versions of Tekken were…this is probably the BEST adaptation of Tekken yet!

    • Well, indeed- if you compare Tekken (the movie) to the Tekken Forever comic (which I have a copy… dammn) or the Tekken anime OAV, it’s the better of the lot. Hopefully someday Harada will indeed be able to get a CG Tekken movie off the ground that’s true to the series.

  4. if you really look at it the movie kinda resembles the first tekken game not so much the rest and the way the ending went (if they have the fundings) it seems that they are going to do a second movie so don’t leave out your thoughts of devil Jin yet cause this seems more like a prologue to me than anything and as far as a video game to movie selection i think it’s one of the best yet, but so far nothing tops MC

  5. spidercrabb4 Says:

    i cant believe any tekken fan would like this movie, it was clearly made by somone that hated the game and wanted to ruin it for everyone. I recently watched this excuse for a film and i was litrally stunned by how bad it was. when i see a low budget film i expect to at least have some quality of acting to it, none of the actors were anything like the characters from the game and only half of them looked like the characters. The story line is ridiculess and impossibal to get into. why was steve fox bald and british? why were almost none of the classic characters in it? why was hehiachi such a nice guy? why did the jacks look like a fencing team? why did jin do christie? why did Drangonov make laws classic bruce lee noises instead of law? why? why? why? I waited years to see a tekken movie and dwight little managed to squat down and produce this insult to gaming, thankyou dwight little for making the universe a slightly worse place with your tekken movie.

    • junglejuice Says:

      i to, cant believe namco would let dwight little release this film..why?.. the shorts stories on the game are 10 times better than this movie, im a huge tekken fan and this film just made me angry!!! i fort they would of learnt from street fighter and so on..but no..maybe the great games should be left as GREAT GAMES..

    • emm FYI Steve Fox is british … the bald thing is a little weird but steve actually is british … The majority of the characters actually looked like the characters they were supposed to portray and the fact that the movie turned out as well as it did is a blessing (look at the legend of Chun Li)

      This was a very very low budget movie and while i am also abhorred by some of the changes they made in the story (why the hell is the Mishima Zaibatsu known as Tekken corp ?!) i think the majority of people might not give a damn if they never really played the game.

      Some really easy name changes would have made more sense (the jack hammers should have been called the Tekken Force) but overall i appreciate what they tried to do.

      If you went into this movie expecting it to be a faithful adaptation of the tekken franchise then you are simply deluded and a vengeful fanboy…

      Just be glad it didnt turn out to be the Legend of Xiaoyu of something.

      Could this movie been done better ? Yea most definetly !
      Could it have turned out worse ? Yes, and thankfully it didnt

      • actually steve is austalian, if you look in the hand book of tekken 5 it has a brief summery of most the characters and what country they are from. and says he is australian, oh and steve is nina SON!!! why did they not point that out!!

      • spidercrabb4 Says:

        Steves not british he’s australian “FYI”. i dont see how this tekken film could have been any worse, the legend of Xiaoyu would have at least been an interesting angle to approach the movie, rather than just saying lets make a tekken film and put fuck all work into it. if you appreciate what they tried to do in this film then it is you who is deluded, either that or insanely positive. everyones entitled to there own opinions..except about this film which was clearly blollocks!

  6. zeromotivator Says:

    typical fanboy review, who would swallow anything with a tekken sticker on it. the movie is such a fail that it barelly can be called a movie. extremely awful plot on par with horrible acting make this one of the worst game-to-movie adaptations ever. if you think DOA was a shitty flick, you’ve seen nothin- watch tekken. the director obviously has never played the game and i suspect feels pretty proud about it. just another waist of money and a spit in the face of gamers.
    p.s. judging by the last scene, there might be a sequel, and that really bothers me as well as many gamers i think.

    • I beg to differ. In this case, the typical ‘fanboy’ response would be to simply hate on this film, as what would it be to side with a movie that even the producer of the game himself has rejected? No, my review is as objective as I can make it, so as to be as fair as possible. Yes, it’s a horrible Tekken movie. However, it’s a decent martial arts flick, which is how I framed my review.

  7. Awful Movie! To think i waited this long for such a huge disappointment. Paul Phoenix ONLY gets MENTIONED in passing! No Hwaorang!? Casting was poor! Jin looks like a kid! Not the jin we all remember from the games – a well built man! Martial Law, another key fighter, had no personality or major role in the film. How can Raven make The Iron fist tournie over Law? ridiculous! No matter how fine Christie looked in the movie, it still sucked ass on major levels. Agree with most when saying MKs were better movies. Culd actually tell that the producers played the games, as the attention to detail was pretty good. Probably wont be any follow ups to this movie, as they pretty much screwed this one from every angle imaginable.

  8. jordan_balboa Says:

    The tekken movie was awesome.Your review was very good.The movie was exactly as i knew it would be.Acting was good,actors were good,most outfits and actors were exactly like the game,the music was superb,the fight scenes were AMAZING AND BRUTAL,even mortal kombat did not have blood,the girls were HOT,the story was different but in any adaptation it is different although the basis was true to the game and there are refferences to the game.And i loved the ending.I am a TRUE TEKKEN FAN and i loved the movie.

  9. Thanks for your review. I hope this one won’t serve as an entire spoiler. A lot of movies derived from video games had already been created and it’s a fact that the story won’t completely run like how it is on game. An open-minded Tekken fan will still appreciate this movie.

  10. Man, the movie sucked donkey balls.. First of all, I dont think Jin could do parkour shit, coz he is muscular in the games, which he isn’t in the movie.. Another thing is, why were Christie and Jin a couple? They barely even know each other, based on the game.. And Christie’s style in the movie wasn’t Capoeira.. And the cast, GOD DAMN.. Where’s Lei? King? Paul? Hwoarang? Xiaoyu? Michelle? And what sucks the most is that Law was like an EXAM for Jin.. C’mon, we all know he’s better than that.. Then there goes the new characters; Raven, Christie, Dragonov, and Miguel.. Why the hell were they even in the movie? Then, Kazuya.. For Christ’s sake, why the FUCK does he have a moustache?

    The fight scenes were great, but not that good.. They didn’t show true potentials of the characters.. And they have TOO MUCH weapons.. I mean, c’mon.. It’s KING OF THE IRON FIST TOURNAMENT– IRON FIST.. It didn’t live up to my expectations..

    And to those who say that it’s still an awesome martial-arts movie;
    Yeah, it is an awesome martial arts movie.. But I think they shouldn’t have used the title TEKKEN if they’re not just gonna bring TEKKEN to us..

  11. Oh, and don’t forget HEIHACHI.. Why the fuck was he a goody-goody old man in here? He’s supposed to be kicking ass.. And then he dies because of a GOD DAMN gun shot? FUCK THAT!!!

  12. The fight scenes are ok but i’m not happy witht he storyline and what the it has to be Tekken city its meant to be G Corp not Tekken corp and the scenes with Jin and Chrisite together are very corny so I’m a bit disappointed with those bits and Kazuya should had fight against Hehiachi
    not join on his side and Lee should in the film.
    Tekken could have been better if the filmmakers should play the game first before they start writing the script.
    Thank You.

  13. This movie must rank among top 10 movies ever made. It’s just awesome. Great detail. Grotesque. Awesome martial artists / actors / resemblances. Can’t wait for sequel which will include Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi, Lee, Lei, Hwoarang, etc. That one should start with Heihachi training Jin to be the heir, Kazuya attacking the Zaibatsu, and the scene with Jin’s crew in Korea when Hwoarang challenges them to pit their best fighter against him and it ends in draw with Jin.

    • top 10? are you fucking serious? they named the film TEKKEN, and they fucked up the story.. and you’re saying it should be on the top 10? even the producer of the game said the movie was trash.. but it’s nice to know that you read from wikipedia about TEKKEN

  14. ps3/xbox360:shagraz Says:

    i just watch the film and it is a piece of shit the story line was completely destroyed if i was them they should take that shit of the market and contnue with an anime im gonna make a facebook page saying how shit this film is it just makes me angry to bring a live film out that cant live up to the games standards not only that the game had a million time better story which they should of kept to the fucking twats and since when did law have a chubby face , since when did bryan fury have a squeaky voice and since when did jun get fucking raped who ever reconstruted that storyline should hang themself and where the fuck are the rest of the characters fucking idiots

  15. I was going to write a post that was at least giving this movie the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard. Coming from a guy, who has played, and been part of the Tekken/Street Fighter generation since it started, I must say, that this film should NOT have been called “Tekken”. Not because of the lack of characters, and not because of the bad acting that was therein associated with it. But because, It’s NOT Tekken! How can any of you, ANY of you who call yourselves true Tekken players, say that this was even CLOSE to a Tekken story? I mean, I felt the same way when I finished watching those two balls of crap they called Street Fighter! Angered and sad because the people who think they know what entertains us, has YET AGAIN, messed up a great idea!

    Sure, it was a good action movie. A good beat-em-up film to get your jollies off on when you’re hankering to see some people get smashed and bashed about. But in NO WAY was this Tekken. It has no, NO PLACE in the Tekken Universe! I could go on, ripping this thing apart to point out my reasoning behind this but, what’s the use.

    I rate this film a negative 10.

  16. jordan_balboa Says:

    The only wrong was that it had a lot of differences storywise.Still the base was the same.Jin’s revenge.Even mortal kombat who most of us like was a lot different but no one judges that.So all the haters shut up.The movie rocked.You say why jin and christie ? Yeah,they are not together in the game but you think that jin wouldn’t like her if he comes across her?Are you nuts ? And last one,jin may now be like stallone but in his first introduction in tekken he was a 19 year old boy.So,jon foo was right for the part.Not great but fine.And to sum up from what i hear and i hear a lot most of the people who didn’t like it it was because of the story.Most of the others things was fine.If the story was the same all of you would love it.That means something.Anyway,i loved the movie and i am a big tekken fan.I am just open minded and i know that in this world at least until now not even once movie is the same like the game.STILL THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT CANT BE G O O O D

    • The base is the same? Have you ever played TEKKEN before? Jin shouldn’t be the center of the story.. It should be Kazuya and Heihachi.. Heihachi threw Kazuya at a cliff when he was still a young boy, and Kazuya survived.. Then he made a promise to himself that he will kill his father.. That should be the main story!! And why the FUCK was Jin after Heihachi? It was Heihachi who trained him and taugh him to fight, and that wasn’t until TEKKEN 3.. Anna and Nina were Kazuya’s whores? FUCK THAT.. They were the ones recruited by LEE (Who wasn’t even in the fucking movie) to kill Kazuya.. And why the fuck were Steve, Miguel, Dragunov, Bryan, Eddy, Raven, Christie, even in the fucking movie? Then Steve is Jin’s trainer? THAT IS JUST FUCkED UP.. It’s not even close to be called a TEKKEN movie.. It sucks, even the producer of TEKKEN games said it was TRASH.. IF you just watch a movie coz of the scenes and not because of the story, then you’re a fucking idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about..

      • jordan_balboa Says:

        You stupid and retarded boy i play tekken since the beggining.By saying the base i meant the revenge story with jin generally.Anna is a whore either way.The story wasn’t the same but the movie was very good.If you expect a videogame movie adaptation to be the same with the game then you are retarded.THIS IS IRON FIST.If you have a problem stfu and go watch super mario.Leave tekken alone.It is one of the best videogames adaptations.

      • Now you know good and dang well, that that wasn’t Jin, and in no way was that even close to a revenge story for him. You and I both know they could have done a game-to-movie adaptation, continuing the story from either Tekken 5 or 6, and made it completely better than what it was. This was an excuse for Hollywood execs to take something that was already great, and less it up completely! And yes, MK is among the many lost souls to have felt the damage from Hollywood too. This is a bogus attempt at making a Tekken movie. But a good attempt at making a no name action flick, and that’s all that should be acknowledged about it.

  17. i want TEKKEN Movie with final fantasy advent graphics! hell yeah lol!!

    about this movie uhmm it sucks

    • when i was watching the movie i was really entertained when it comes to actions in the movie well im not a tekken player but im a fan of tekken so i understand tekken lovers out there cause its a great importance that the movie and the game jives because that will make a great impact to players and fans cause they are the one who knows tekken well from history to gameplay.. 🙂 i love kelly aka kristie M. here shes really hot!

  18. oyoboyaquino Says:

    This movie sucks. Jun Kazama wasn’t killed by a missile! Jacks aren’t humans! Jin didn’t get those gloves from Steve! AND WHERE ARE MY GODDAM GODFISTS? I watched through the whole film hoping that either one of those Misihima’s pulloff a godfist. But nothing, not even at the end. Fckin Kazuya beaten by an axe, it should have been a GODFIST! The only thing good about this was Kelly Overton. I don’t care if Christie Monteiro supposed to do capoeira, that Kelly was hot enough for me!

  19. tekken fan 4 ever Says:

    the tekken movie is good and i think they should give it another go and bring out a second tekken movie they just need to think the storylines out a bit more

  20. the photo is so myy favoooorriiiitttttttteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Steve Fox is British. Tekken 4 and the Union Jack shorts not a clue there? And for all the “Iron FIST” comments.. Isn’t Yoshimitsu ringing any bells? What seeing as he’s been in it since the beginning.

    • spidercrabb4 Says:

      He’s not british, i dont know why he wears union jack shorts maybe he boxes for britain or some shit. but in the character description of tekken 5 it says he’s Australian and he speeks with an australian accent. And yes yoshimitsu’s in tekken from the beggining as part of some alien ninja clan that fights to help people, not as an evil guy in a suit of armor.

      • Sumitsu Says:

        Steve Fox IS british. Who told you that he was Australian?? Oh, and I got info to back up the claim as well.

        Now, I hope this learns you some info on Tekken, and learns you not to spout off about stuff you aren’t sure about.

      • Sumitsu Says:

        Adding this as well. Just so it’s well known where Steve hails from.

      • spidercrabb4 Says:

        That means nothing those are fan sites and can easily be wrong. I read that he originated from australia in the book that came with the game, thats proof. Although everything else does seem to imply hes from england So i can see why the film cast an english actor. Doesnt cahnage the fact that ur wrong tho u noob! but Even if he is british and that bit in the book was just a mistake hes still not bald or Jins mentor!!! my general point is that the film was shit.

      • Sumitsu Says:

        Dude, you’re wrong man. Nowhere in the Tekken 5 guide does it say that he’s Australian. Everything, fan made, and official says that he’s British.

        Aside from that, Yes! This F#$^&%$ movie sucks donkey d@&^! Pissed me off when I watched it. They messed up the storyline so bad I wanted to scream! As I said from my earlier posts, I’ve been a part of the Tekken/Street Fighter gaming circle since it started way back when. And to have them freaks up there in Hollywood, try and pass off this piece of crap as a Tekken movie, was just as bad as when they tried to pass off that god-awful heap of excrement, as a Street Fighter movie. I was pissed off then, I’m pissed off now, and MK NARROWLY missed the pissed off train.

        With the launch of the new MK YouTube series, they are starting to get the idea, but it’s still iffy as all heck.

        But back to Steve, he’s british. One of my main fighters, besides King, and the All American Paul Phoenix. Sorry Spidercrabb4, but you’re wrong man.

      • Sumitsu Says:

        And why are we talking about Tekken 5 anyway? Steve was introduced back in Tekken 4. Even there it says he’s from the UK. It doesn’t make much sense for them to switch it up for Tekken 5 and say he’s Australian after they’ve aready established that he’s from the UK in the first game he came out in. Tekken 4.

      • spidercrabb4 Says:

        hmm well it was a while ago that I had tekken 5 but i could of sworn it said he was australien, there is a possibility a could be clutching at straws though. Still im glad to see you agree that the movies is shite, i to have loved the Tekken series since i was little i’ve played through them all and i was well excited when i saw a movie was coming out.
        Then i was very disapointed.

      • sumitsu Says:

        As was I my friend, as was I…

  22. Tekken Lord Says:

    I was preparing for the worst, but actually its a good effort.


    -Jin and Heitchi – hit the gym

    -Steve Fox – Spiky hair and box people

    -Kazuya – lose the beard

    -A hotter Nina with no botox lips

    -Marshall Law – lose a few pounds

    -More special effects like lightning fists and devils with laser eyes

    Can’t wait till they make another one

  23. LOL Forget this Tekken movie (if i can call it that) XD
    Watch This here instead
    THIS IS Mortal Kombat!! Very GOOD and creative ,this is fun to watch 🙂 a really good game to movie port
    this is episode one and there are six of them so far and it gets better with every episode.

  24. Crimson G Hadd Says:

    Just got done watching this and eh… pretty bad. The story is majorly changed, but here’s the thing the story of the games is pretty confusing and not great either. Although the opening /ending CGIs were fun to watch they were never actually riveting story telling, did anyone play that asshat campaign from the home version of ? So I can understand taking a few liberties. Unfortunately they’ve really just swapped out one weak storyline for another.

    Some of my biggest pet peeves:
    First of the Mishima Zaibatsu, I mean Tekken Corp!, runs North America, but half the sinage is in Japanese and the “Jacks” speak Japanese to interrogate people even though everyone speaks English.
    How is Heihachi not going to have some fail safe for the possible treachery of a son he doesn’t trust. Also Heihachi comes off as weak as opposed to badass old guy that he is.
    And finally when they recapture Jin he goes straight to the final without having to kill anyone other than Bryan, whom I assume he kills but then refuses to finish Kazuya.

    The thing is there is no real strong plot for why the people are fighting in the game, pretty much they just want to run Mishima Zaibatsu for the money and power. A few revengers thrown in the mix. Mortal Kombat probably had the most interesting concept for the tournament hence why it made the most interesting movie. Street Fighter is pretty much just dudes fighting in the street, although the original SF anime pulled that idea off nicely, the live action needed to create a movie-type plot.

    Casting was hit or miss: Cong Le is a good fighter in real life but really too bulky and slow to play Law. They should have got the goalie from Shaolin Soccer.
    Jin just really didn’t look Asian enough, neither did Kazuya but he pulled the bizarro version of his character off well enough.
    Anna and Nina were forgetable actresses playing forgetable characters.
    Yoshimitsu’s mask head was just to big, plus the japanese style bowl hat would have been a nice addition.
    Why is the Rojas guy in the film, what a random choice of character with no distinct fight style.
    Raven looked ok but not really needed.
    Eddy they obviously wanted a capoeira guy, Lateef was a good choice. But then they want Christies hot pants outfit but they can’t have to capoeiristas so they change her to some sort of MMA chick. Her use as romantic foil seemed weird too. Xiayou as Jin’s love interest would have been a better choice. CGI panda anyone
    Bryan Fury was all right.
    And Sergei Russian McCommie, can’t remember his actual name was actually probably the most interesting fight scene as far as his technique.

    I think sticking with the Tekken 3 roster more or less would have been a better variety of distinct fight styles. King, Lei, Hwoarang, Xiayou would have lent a Bloodsport-esque variety to the fights. Really Bloodsport is the best example of how a martial arts tournament should be done… with jumping split kicks!

    So after that ramble, barring a few decent fight scenes, I could have cranked out a better script for this film over a weekend. Really if you chose to overhaul the story put some effort in.

  25. ThatWildKid Says:

    This movie was actually good. It would be way better if it wasnt related to Tekken. But comeon… There is no fucking way that A movie can be just like a game. Its a game a game has features that cant be displayed in a movie. It is BASED on the tekken game.

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