Tekken Movie in Theaters Now!

Jin Kazama and company hit the Silver Screen.

Just last week, Tekken actor Jon Foo was in Manila to promote the live-action Iron Fist Tournament movie. Well, Tekken is in theaters NOW, and as soon as I have time off to get to a mall, I’ll catch it to finally lay this loose end to rest.

To be fair, I’ve seen some positive reviews online, citing the movie’s hard-hitting fight scenes. Tekken has been grouped along with the first Mortal Kombat and DOA, which is a good thing, really, since those are the two best fighting game-to-movie translations so far (the Van Damme Streetfighter movie is in a league and flavor all its own).

Anyway, once I catch the film I’ll post a review at the soonest. I don’t have high expectations, but I expect to at least see some cool fights, some hot babes, and that should do me just fine. Later then!


2 Responses to “Tekken Movie in Theaters Now!”

  1. Just saw it then, Kazuya sex scene with Nina/Anna. HOT!!!

    Fight scenes were real good, enjoyed the movie a lot somewhat.

  2. ZeroX: I saw it already- review coming up, and I liked the film, myself.

    To Bob:

    Stop being such a douche and I’ll stop deleting your posts.

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