Straight from the Harada’s Mouth! Tekken 3 Stories, Jun Kazama, Animal Fighters and more!

It may be a long time before we get media or even solid info from Tekken 7 or Tekken X Streetfighter, but it’s nice that Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada has opened himself up a bit to fans and the gaming community via his Twitter account (yes, this is legit and the real deal).

Following the example of Capcom’s fun-loving Yoshinori Ono, Harada-san is now open to hearing suggestions and comments from fans and doling out little bits of info about Tekken among his many tweets. He even posted quite a long message on a forum in Tekken-Nation, sharing an anecdote about Tekken 3- basically how Jun Kazama was actually included in the code, as well as some other oddities that were ultimately scrapped from the final version- this included a Salmon (yes, a FISH) fighter, and a Praying Mantis fighter!

Harada also goes on to talk about the many player requests he received for Kunimitsu– something he actually obliged to in Tekken Tag Tournament for the arcade and PS2, but later laments a bit due to the low play count the character got in the actual game.
He also reveals his official and total stance on Jun Kazama– she’s missing, not actually dead- and how one person has said again and again that ‘everyone’ wants her back in the roster, though he’s not sure as yet if that is truly what ‘everyone’ wants. Let me say this, Harada-san… NOPE… I’m perfectly happy with Asuka right now, though if Jun plays totally differently and is still hot, I’ll take her back with a smile.

You can check out Harada-san’s post on the Tekken-Nation forum here.

So if you want to drop Harada-san a line about how you love Tekken, what you’d love to see in the next game, or just ask for Jun Kazama back as well, you can reach him via his Twitter, Harada_TEKKEN.


8 Responses to “Straight from the Harada’s Mouth! Tekken 3 Stories, Jun Kazama, Animal Fighters and more!”

  1. Ha- yes, it was very exciting to have Harada contact us so directly-! And at Tekken Nation too-! [3

  2. Jonathan Says:

    hello lonegamer, the characters that were ultimately not put in the game, is he reffering to the final version of the console or arc.

    • I’d say that he was referring to the arcade versions (of Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag). That’s all academic now, of course…

      • Jonathan Says:

        for me to get a better understanding of your answer to me, he did state that they were removed from the final versions could only mean hes talking about the console version, please respond

      • Dude, all we can do is read the post on Tekken Nation. Interpret from that what you will. ‘Final version’ could mean either console or arcade. You COULD ask him yourself by sending him a line on Twitter- he’s the only one who can answer your question satisfactorily.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    can you ask him for me and email me the answer, i would not know how to ask such a great man such a question, please understand

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