Starcraft 2 lands in Manila

Hell… it’s about time.

It’s the 27th of July, and that means that the wait is finally over for fans of Blizzard’s mega-hit RTS, Starcraft. The long-and-much-awaited sequel, Starcraft 2, hits stores right NOW. Well, at least here in Manila. Stores like Data Blitz probably already have the game in stock at this very moment, and hardcore fans are probably already on their way or have already lapped up their copies.

I’m surely going to try and score my copy today, once I get the chance to slip out of the Salt Mines. I wasn’t too hot with the Collector’s Edition, but now I’m actually interested in it thanks to some neato goodies like the Behind-the-scenes DVD and the Raynor dogtag USB with the original Starcraft game embedded. Well, I’m sure the set is pretty pricey and might not be available off the bat, at least right away though… we’ll see. I’ll keep my eyes out for it. For now though, all I want is the game, on my iMac and playable by tonight at The Sanctum.

For everyone, happy Zerg-rushing! A new era of galactic war has begun, in all it’s glory, all it’s horror… and all it’s FUN!


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