Streetfighter X Tekken SDCC Gameplay!

Shoryuken meets Doryah!

Here’s a better version of the gameplay clip from SDCC of Streetfighter X Tekken. While this is supposedly an actual playable demo with both games’ producers, Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada, at the controls, I think it looks a bit too rehearsed for me to be simple gameplay.

Well, what do I think? It’s a bit cheezy and certainly made for crowd-pleasing, but hell- why not? Kazuya and Nina look pretty slick in the SFIV style, and you could easily see their moves during the fight, from combos to throws to their ‘Ultras’. The inclusion of some kind of tag-team mechanic, or just perhaps an assist role played by a second fighter, should be pretty cool.

I can’t wait to see what the Namco-made game looks like! I’m most concerned with which fighters will make it into each game- the rosters may surely make or break these cross-over beat ’em ups. Anway, enjoy the vid and the cheering, and I’ll post new stuff as I find ’em.


One Response to “Streetfighter X Tekken SDCC Gameplay!”

  1. coldblooded59 Says:

    My heart will not be able to take the hype that the two games will produce oh Xiaoyu please be in both games i need my main and they better have my original rich girl Karin in both too

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