Jin Kazama in Manila

Tekken-mania hits Megamall!

I posted some time ago that Jon Foo AKA Jin Kazama from the live-action Tekken movie would be in Manila. I guess my previous info was inaccurate- the star of the Iron Fist film is already in Manila! Mr. Foo will be in the Philippines from July 24 to 26- while here, he’ll be guesting on some local TV shows, meeting the press and then attending the invitational premiere of the Tekken movie. Anyway, I was off on some other thing as Mr. Kazama was doubtlessly wowing fans at Megamall yesterday (he’s certainly appealing to many of the ladies…). While only some VIPs and some lucky viewers will be watching the early premiere, the rest of us can catch the Tekken movie when it hits theaters in Manila starting on August 4.

Anyway, I’m still in a bad mood from watching the lackluster Last Airbender mess. Maybe this will bode well for Tekken, and I’ll have a good time watching it. We’ll see.


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