Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki#3 Review

Finally, some action!

After quite a bit of a gap since the last issue’s release, Udon’s Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #3 finally hit store shelves this week. Though consistent with eye-catchingly colorful art and fun panels, I have my reservations with this first comic feature starring the Streetfighter III girls. Much of it though has to do with the small amount of pages this mini-series has, leading to a distinct shortage of actual action. Issue one could have had at least a bit of a confrontation between Ibuki and her karate rival/friend Makoto, but the fight never happened. Issue 2 was a bit of a disappointment, glossing over action once again more in favor of character relationship moments between Ibuki and girl-buddy Sarai. Really, a Streetfighter comic should have AT LEAST one solid fight or skirmish in every issue, somehow, someway.

Finally though, Issue 3 throws in the action we should have been treated to in the previous issues. At the beginning of the comic we see Ibuki sparring with African princess Elena, who made her debut last issue. It was short, but at least things happened. After some drama (which lets Ibuki show off more of the little girl inside as well as the tough ninja warrior), the ninja heroine and company then moves on to meet her final ninja test- a confrontation with Oro, the ancient martial arts master (and fellow fighter from SF3). There’s some bits of action, nice fight scenes from artist Omar Dogan, and your all’s well that ends well resolution. Really though- more pages devoted to the fighting and someone actually getting HIT would have made this TONS better.

A nice touch here though was a bit of drama on the part of Makoto, whose father and dojo were defeated by Oro years ago. The exchange between her and Oro was a nice bit of angst and emotion from the somewhat testy karate kid, and a good way to show off her true character in a more sympathetic light. I really don’t mind seeing Streetfighter Legends: Makoto someday, seriously!

This is far and away the best issue yet of this arc, and I really hope writer Jim Zubkavich wrote a suitably strong, action-filled finale to cap off this mini-series. The cliffhanger ending certainly looks forward to some butt-kicking from our three SF3 babes, so I’ll be hoping for a lot more fight next time.


2 Responses to “Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki#3 Review”

  1. I wouldn’t want this series written any other way. Unlike many SF characters, Ibuki is someone you can actually care about. The plot works because it’s personal, and dumping her into some generic action-story with rushed fight sequences would just kill that appeal to her. If I wanted a ton of action where all she’s doing is kicking ass, I’d just wait for the SFIII comic and keep playing the games.

  2. I beg to differ. It should not be impossible to fit in more action into a story about a NINJA without going for ‘generic’ action just for the heck of it. A fight iwth Makoto at least would have gone a long way to making their relationship a lot more fleshed out, plus it would have revealed more about each girl’s training, their abilities and their motivations. As said in an old action film some time ago, “You don’t really know someone until you fight them.”

    Instead, the comic glosses over much of the action and keeps it in the background, which is sad but understandable anyway given the small page count. In the end, I still think the series so far has been fine, but it could have been better.

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