MvC3 New Characters Revealed!

More manic fighting action ensues!

The SDCC hasn’t even started yet and here’s already a doozy for the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom 3! Four new fighters revealed- Doctor Doom, Chun-li, Trish (Devil May Cry) and the Super Skrull! Check out the trailer above (as well as the other vids on the Official MvC3 YT Channel) for lots of screen-burning action from this crossover-fighter!
Best of all though, the fun isn’t over yet as even more fighters are set to be revealed soon!

Man, I wonder if there’s any chance they’ll bring in EGO, the Living Planet? At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised! Heheh…

UPDATE: Two more fighters revealed… two gods no less! Thor and Amaterasu (from Okami) have joined the roster. This is gonna lead to some crazy fighting, indeed…


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