Musing About Namco Vs Capcom/Capcom Vs Namco…

Will this weekend reveal the Ultimate Cross-over Fighter?

Going into this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I’m really excited for what may be revealed concerning the rumored collaboration between Namco-Bandai and Capcom. The rumors of not one but TWO versions of a Cross-over fighting game starring the best of both companies’ franchises intrigues me to no end. Ryu and crew having the more realistic, fleshed-out Tekken 6 graphics? Jin Kazama and company decked out in the more cartoony and stylized SFIV look? It excited me to no end.

However, is this actually possible? How much effort is each company putting into this endeavor, if true? How many fighters from each side will appear in each game? Would it be too much to ask for ALL the fighters in both Tekken 6 and SSFIV to appear? If I’d be able to match up Hwoarang with Juri Han, I’d be totally blown away.
How will the Capcom-made fighter adapt the Tekken guest fighters? Will the Iron Fist crew have their larger movelists cut down, and key attacks made into their ‘Specials’? What will their Ultra Combos look like?
On the other hand, SFIV guest characters in the Tekken home court will get expanded move repertoires, 10-hit combos, unblockables and more. And how awesome will they look in the more detailed, realistic T6 style?

It’s still just a rumor, but man wouldn’t it be awesome if indeed the double-crossover release was true. If given a choice, I’d prefer a Namco-made fighter with Tekken 6 graphics to be the one actually made, but the idea of Lili and Asuka in SFIV style intrigues me. Anyway, let’s just cross our fingers and hope that whatever is revealed this Comicon, we won’t be disappointed. More as we get it then!


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