Crazy Rumor: Namco Vs Capcom AND Capcom Vs Namco?!

Apparently we were all mistaken that Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshinori Ono were collaborating on a fighting game starring their each respective companies’ elite characters. According to Game Informer, they’re making TWO different fighters, each using their respective fighting engines. So if all things go the way they say, we’ll be seeing both the fighters of Tekken and Streetfighter in ways we’ve never seen before- Ryu, Chun-li and company in semi-realistic Tekken 6 style, while Jin Kazama, Nina Williams et al will soon be sporting SFIV’s more cartoony look.

If this be true… FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Just a few more days to see who’s right though. Expect to see a lot of eye-opening stuff in the upcoming SDCC.


One Response to “Crazy Rumor: Namco Vs Capcom AND Capcom Vs Namco?!”

  1. This is pretty exciting stuff! More games means it’s more likely that one will be really good. Will be interesting to see new takes on old themes.

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