King of Fighters XIII Boss Battle Vid

Story cinematics, check. Super-frustratingly-powerful end boss… check!

The latest KOF has hit the arcades in Japan. King of Fighters XIII is currently beating the coins out of players, sporting a big improvement over bare cupboards XII with story cutscenes, new characters and, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, an Uber-Powerful Final Boss fight!

Hey, it wouldn’t really be a complete KOF without God Final Omega Ultra Apocalyso Rugal X waiting to kick your ass into oblivion once you chewed up the other obstacles on the way up. This time there are two boss fights to test your wits and abundance of tokens (apparently the extra one is to make up for the lack of a finale in XII).

The encounter is with a being named Seiki, who takes out former end boss Mukai and turns into a naked black-tar-for-limbs-and-face thing that loves to grip and punch you silly. After you defeat this Tar Baby wannabee, there’s still a possessed Ash (Black Ash?) to take on, and he seems even more powerful than the first guy.

Anyway, if you do manage to win, you’ll be treated to an ending, and judging from the Fatal Fury team resolution posted over at, they should be worth seeing.
No word yet on when this hits consoles, but count on that in the next few months or so.


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