My New Gaming Pad

We’re gonna need a bigger pocket.

Yeah, I admit it… I got me an iPad. Not one of those knock-offs like the ePad, the aPad or the iPed (Aussie version)… the real-deal Apple iPad. I may have mentioned in the past that I didn’t see myself buying into Apple’s tablet… some talk about me unable to see myself bringing this fragile, expensive thing outside the safety of my Gaming Loft, or using the oversized slate as a gaming device. Well… I’ve said a lot of things.

The thing is, I found myself with an iPad in my possession. Yeah, somehow the not-that-small amount for the device was withdrawn from my bank account and deposited onto the hand of some vendor, who proceeded to give me this new toy. Before I knew it, it was done. Heh-heh. Anyway, what’s done is done, and here it is. So, how is it, you may ask? Honestly? It’s pretty darn excellent. But really, that is the thing about Apple devices, isn’t it? After you buy one, when you hold it in your hand (whether it’s an iPhone, an iPod or the iPad or an iMac) or feel in, you can perceive the quality in the product you got. And darn if that doesn’t feel freakin’ good.

The iPad is about the size of a magazine, and about as thick. It’s not overly heavy, but has a heft to it- you will not want to hold this up with one hand for an extended period. As with other iDevices, the Pad feels solid, with nary a creak or shiver in the build. Glass on the front, aluminum in the back and around the sides- this is a product that really sails out of old sci-fi movies. Like the iPhone was a couple of years ago, it’s so Star Trekky. Perhaps due to the larger screen, it’s easier to just swipe here or there to make something happen, and that’s so cool.

Off the bat there isn’t much loaded onto the ‘Pad, but an internet connection and the iTunes store can fix that right quick. There are many demos and free apps around, but the best ones need to be bought, and unfortunately they’re a lot more expensive than iPhone apps.
Luckily most iPhone apps will work pretty well when they’re magnified 2X on the larger device, though older ones may look a bit pixelly or blurred (Streetfighter IV’s cool sprites got a lot messy on the ‘Pad). Full apps such as Plants vs Zombies iPad or Real Racing HD cost about $9.99, which can bite away at your wallet badly, but in these cases it’s worth to show off your Pad.

Gaming on the iPad is great for the larger screen and the better battery life, so now I can give my iPhone a bit of a rest. The games being priced as they are I won’t be able to do a dime-a-dozen reports like with my 3GS, but I’ll do what I can when I can.

For now though, I’m just content with putting together HD videos for the Pad’s library and playing the games I have, but bigger. Aside from all that, the iPad is surely going to serve me well as a word processor, internet device, digital canvas, entertainment center and all around feelgood thing. Just about a day with the thing, and I’m a believer. Really, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it… the iPad is the real deal. It’s not as stupid as some people may think, but yeah… you’re gonna have to want it to get it. But if you get it, well… You’ve Got Game.


2 Responses to “My New Gaming Pad”

  1. Sicaklik olcum, nem olcum, datalogger

  2. Wow, cool guy! But I love family entertainment concept the XBOX 360 highly praised on E3. eg, of course, different platform, different pleasure.

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