Fighting Mega-Mash: Namco VS Capcom TBA Soon?

Can you smell what Harada and Ono are cooking?

It’s the current rage of some Twitter feeds and a big piece of speculation why Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada and Streetfighter’s Yoshinori Ono appeared together onstage at EVO2010 recently. Apparently there’s something big being teased by these two fighting icons, and it may turn out to be something freakin’ awesome.

That thing may be Namco vs Capcom or perhaps even Streetfighter vs Tekken, a fighting mish-mash that will slam together the best of both of these game giants. Apparently word is that this is going to be produced more on the Namco side, so it’s coming out in arcades first, but a console version should be inevitable. Surely it will be in 3D, but will it have the SF fighters in semi-realistic (well, more realistic than SFIV) Tekken style? Or will we see Jin and crew rendered in the more cartoony visuals of SFIV? Man, either would be mindblowing.

Ono recently posted this mysterious pic as a teaser for the upcoming game he’ll be showing off at next week’s SDCC.

What IS it? Obviously Ryu is in… but what about that black ink swirl? Kinda looks like Jin Kazama to me… hmm. Will it be a New SFIV incarnation? Tekken vs SF? Ryu Final: The Game? We’ll just have to wait and see. Dammit.

Expect big stuff in the next couple of weeks. Man, this is exciting time to be a fighting game fan!


One Response to “Fighting Mega-Mash: Namco VS Capcom TBA Soon?”

  1. gslimjim98 Says:

    as if marvel versus capcom 3 isnt already creaming my pants u had to bring up this lol. but i heard the capcom was well aware of people anticiapting a capcom versus snk and other games like it but they said they were focusing on mvsc3 for now then they will get to the others. or maybe this is an even bigger secret than mvsc3 and is developing along side mvsc3

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