Tekken Movie coming to Manila in August

Finally, the Tekken movie arrives.

As if there was any doubt that the Philippines is Tekken territory, the live-action Iron Fist movie is set to premiere in Manila next month, complete with a live appearance by the film’s star, Jon Foo.

Ads for the movie have appeared in newspapers, announcing an August 5 premiere for the Tekken film. Actor/martial artist Jon Foo, also being touted as a Wushu Champion, will be present at the film’s big premiere in SM Megamall, one of Metro Manila’s most popular malls and entertainment centers. No word if any member of the Tekken development team will be present, but I doubt it (Harada-san and company should be hard at work on Tekken 7).

There are huge numbers of Tekken fans and players in Manila, but not sure if this translates to movie crowds. However, Pinoys love celebrities, so Mr. Foo should attract quite a bit of attention. I wonder if he’ll play a game or two of T6 with people?

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go- it’s a work night, and I’ll probably be busy as always. Still, if I get a chance maybe I’ll try to see Jin Kazama in the flesh and see if the movie is any good… hey, it can’t be any worse than The Last Airbender is supposed to be at this point, eh?


6 Responses to “Tekken Movie coming to Manila in August”

  1. “”you guys wanna tekken?” “

  2. i hopped theres autograph signing and meet and greet with Jon Foo.

  3. do you know guys how to get an invitation for the premiere this Saturday?..thanks..

  4. actually its saturday and sunday, because yesterday jon foo was in sm megammal, i was there and today he is going to be in glorietta and forum robinsons.

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