“AGH! You Got Me…” VF5FS Has New KO Animations

If VF5FS, if you go down, at least you go down in style.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has tons of new animations that showcase cool combos, painful-looking throws and awesome counters. However, some of the best I’ve seen so far are the new KO animations. For me, a good and satisfying-looking Knockout is just as good as a Fatality in an MK game.
In most fighting games in the past, fighters just went down and stayed down after the final blow. In more recent games, there came added flourishes or details, such as Tekken Tag Tournament’s ‘Brokeback’ spasm animation (which was awesome at first, but got old quickly after the MILLIONTH time you see it on a fighter who got KO’ed by a hit to the LEG).

The recent Tekken 6 gladly added three new ways a fighter gets KO’ed, aside from the default one (bad back’s still there). They were pretty sweet. Now VF’s fighters show they can also play dead just as convincingly, with a couple of new KOs added in VF5FS. I have to say, they look pretty good; you can almost feel the pain as the loser falls sidewards into the fetal position. Ouchers!

Anyway, all this is just to reiterate that VF5FS is looking FREAKIN’ AWESOME, and that fighting gamers are begging Sega to please, please, please announce a console port soon. It’s been years since VF5 Vanilla and Version C, dudes… we need something new and fresh. We need a Final Showdown.

More as we get it, till then I’ll be watching more match vids.


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