More VF5FS Gameplay!

Virtua Fighter 5, Swimsuit Edition!

There are quite a few match vids now online from the first location test of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, though mostly on Japanese video channels than on Youtube. I’ve seen quite a few, and so far I’m hyped.
The characters all have tons of moves, though I’ll leave nitpicking about those to the hardcore. El Blaze for the most part has gotten so many new throws and grapples, I’m so tempted to try him out if and when this game comes to consoles. Also cool is Vanessa, who now has a lie-down stance from where she can still kick, throw or taunt from. Everyone also got new intros, win animations and other cool stuff; I know Eileen’s new win pose should look doubly cool if she’s wearing her ‘S’ bikini. There are also tons of new crumples, stun and KO animations, plus lots of combos seem to start off even when a character’s on the ground. Everything seems faster from a gameplay perspective, with most fighters being a lot more offensive with long combos and starters in their arsenals.

One gripe so far that I have though is… well… the music SUCKS. I can’t make heads or tails of any of the new character BGMs, they’re all weird and I can’t stand any of them. What the heck? Did someone slip in their mix tape somehow into the dev team? Seriously!

Anyway that doesn’t diminish my desire for this game one bit. I WANT THIS, and BAD. Let’s hope Sega gives in to all the clamoring gamers and rewards us all with a console port, sooner rather than later. More as I get it then.


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