Off with their HEADS! Predators for iPhone

Hear me ROAR!

Ever since I realized that I had pretty much replaced my PSP with my iPhone as a portable gaming device, nothing much surprises me anymore. At least, I thought nothing would. Well, here’s another pleasant surprise- a movie-based game that’s actually good! OMG! But seriously, Chillingo’s newest title, Robert Rodriguez’s Predators for the iPhone, is exceptionally cool. Based on the upcoming action thriller which reunites the crab-faced alien hunters with more unsuspecting human prey, this iDevice title impresses on several levels.

First off, the game puts you under the helmet of a Predator- no sissy soft humans here! You start off as a fledgeling hunter and work your way up, earning honor points by hunting armed humans on a lush (if kinda small) jungle setting. Though you start with just your basic claw combo attacks, you soon upgrade to the classic Predator arsenal, like stealth, shoulder cannons and other cool stuff.

Next, the game looks pretty cool. The animation is fluid and smooth, and the whole game has a cool feel, with the expected Predator imagery and sound effects. Third, the controls are spot on- sporting a familiar d-pad and buttons interface, you’ll be quickly doing combos and decapitating enemies in no time. Did I say decapitating? Yep, another cool feature is that the game doesn’t hold back much- you dispatch your prey in pretty gory fashion, bisecting them with one combo, beheading them with another. Doing these Honor Kills is vital to your upgrading your hunter and gaining more weapons, attacks and power.

Tying in with the movie, actual characters from the film act as the game’s bosses. Of course, aside from them there are literally hordes of fodder to pad out the gameplay, thugs with machine guns and katanas who will savagely attack you in the hopes of getting back home… fools! You will all DIE! DIE! DIE!

Ahem, anyway… not all is cool and frosty. The game is pretty much a beat ’em up, with stealth elements very limited. It would have been nice if the environment was more interactive, allowing you to hide or conceal yourself and execute stealth kills along with the straight-up combat. As it is, you’re mostly in the open (except when you use invisibility, which gives limited respite), which is more Gladiator than Predator.

With the cool graphics, gory gameplay and precise controls, Predators for iPhone is a slick action game and exceptional movie-based title. Hopefully the actual film is half as good.


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