New VF5FS Trailer, Twitter Support Revealed

More teasing from Sega…

Here’s the latest trailer for the upcoming as-yet-arcade-only fighting upgrade, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. This is pretty much just a slickly-edited pre-rendered movie showing off the characters facing off and doing some fancy new moves as opposed to actual in-game footage, but it’s quite exciting. There are hints of some cool new maneuvers like Vanessa’s new lie down stance being able to counter pounces, new wall throws and more stuff that the real hardcore should pick up after some repeated views. The water effects are kinda funny- man, do those VF folks sweat a lot! Sadly there’s still no word of a console port, but I think it’s only a matter of time. As of now though, the announcement is that the arcade version (Japan only) will have Twitter support, allowing Japanese players to post victories and win streaks over the social network directly from the game. Wowee.

Anyway, check out the cool HD trailer for now. More on this as we get it. A console port HAS to be in the works, somehow. Keep the faith, people!


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