Movie Watch: Green Hornet Trailer

The Hornet. Kato. Ooh!

The trailer for the new Green Hornet movie just came out, and I have mixed feelings. I grew up seeing the original TV series with Van Williams and Bruce Lee, and even though I wasn’t a huge fan, I thought it was pretty cool. This new effort seems similar to the Land of the Lost remake that it seemed like more of a parody of the original, edging more towards comedy than anything else. However, that is apparently not the case (according to an interview with the director over at AICN). It’s comedic but has as much action as there is humor, supposedly.

Anyway, the gadgets and guns look slick, plus as before Kato (played by Jay Chou) looks suitably awesome (with some nice fight FX). The new Hornet, Britt (Seth Rogen) is pretty funny- a slacker hero, kinda like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark but not having as much talent or as big a chip on his shoulder. All he does is spend some bucks for some hi-tech toys, a martial arts bodyguard and off he goes, costumed anti-hero!

Some more bits.

Cameron Diaz? Isn’t she a bit old? Maybe she’s hoping the loyal secretary/love interest role hits big like it did with Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man?

Christopher Waltz as the villain- I loved the guy in Inglourious Basterds, so it’s cool to see him, now more as a more overt villain. And he’s got a cool gun.

Where’s the classic Hornet theme? That was kick-ass and MUST be back.

Kinda bummed that Stephen Chow backed out of this project. Would have been interesting to see his take on this, with cool gang imagery like the Axe Gang from Kung Fu Hustle easily in his forte. Oh well. This is due out in January 2011. We’ll see if it also becomes a cult hit or a miss then.


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