Resident Evil: Revelation Teaser Trailer

What could turn partner against partner?

Here’s a first look at the upcoming Resident Evil game for the Nintendo 3DS. The new title is called Resident Evil: Revelations, and contrary to my earlier assumptions it seems to be an all-new chapter in the series, and not just a simple retread. The graphics and character models are from RE5, but the story being teasingly doled out is going into never-before-seen territory. Chris and Jill, talking about killing each other? A Poseidon Adventure-like setting on the high seas? Who’s the creep in the chair… Wesker?

On the strength of the plot alone, this looks like a must buy for me. Add to that the apparent fact that the trailer is real-time graphics (powered by the beefy MT Framework), and I have to say that the 3DS seems to be one impressive bit of kit. Color me… expectant.


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