Dead or Alive 3D: Reboot or Retread?

Raidou back from the dead?

Everyone seems to be on the ‘Reboot’ bandwagon these days. Old games are getting new coats of paint (in MK’s case, a deep crimson coat), and Tecmo’s flagship brawler is no exception. Presumably taken from some dusty cupboards, Dead or Alive 3DS looks intriguing but kinda strikes me as outdated in these days. It still looks like DOA3 or DOA4, but the presence of what appears to be Raidou (the series’ first end boss) makes me think that maybe they’re starting again from square one. Back before everyone started playing volleyball. In some ways that’s cool, since the earlier DOAs where actually the best in the lot for me. Anyway, hopefully there’s enough action and fan service in this one to actually get me to buy a 3DS. We’ll see…

How 3D will this be?


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