Musing About the New Mortal Kombat

The best MK ever? Certainly the most gory.

As a longtime fighting game enthusiast, one of the coolest things for me in the recently-concluded E3 2010 is the upcoming Mortal Kombat game. I’ve had it up to my nose in craptitude from the last several MK chapters- from the lackluster and totally forgettable Mortal Kombat Armageddon to the gimmicky and kiddie MK vs DC Universe. This new, unabashedly more bloody and brutal new MK destined for 2011 looks promising.

First off, it looks quite pretty- the character models are detailed and the designs nicely updated/refreshed. I’m not a gore hound, but I can appreciate the detail given to the fighters’ skeletal models which are highlighted in the new ‘X-ray’ attacks. Clothing damage is also good, though I am hoping they fix this so that your fighter doesn’t look TOO roughed up at the end. The stages are full of detail, Easter eggs and nods to past games, which is awesome.

The fighting action looks fast, and supposedly has more room for players to make their own combos, rather than having a great emphasis on dialed combos (which reeks). The gameplay is very juggle heavy, though the addition of combo breakers may remedy this. So far gameplay videos shown look cool but I seem to notice that no one blocks… perhaps this is just to demo the moves. Anyway, it looks great for the most part… as MK games go.

Oh, and the blood. The BLOOD. This certainly looks to be the most gory MK ever, bar none. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t revel in gore, but this over-the-top, Final Destination-level of blood and dismemberment is a bit entertaining. It’s all a nice little novelty though- you can only watch Kung Lao’s buzz saw fatality so many times before it goes old, and the thing to keep your attention then will be the fighting action.

Tag Team play looks fast and furious, and I approve… that should be loads of fun, and a large roster should make for endless combinations and strategy. I hope the Single Player mode is good, but with MK a story-heavy one player mode is usually in place.

It’s still a long way to Spring 2011, but color me expectant of the new Mortal Kombat. My only fear is that they may backtrack and cut down the blood and violence at the last moment, which happened in MK vs DC, which utterly sucks. I look forward to seeing more info, seeing the rest of the roster and finding out if there’s any kind of customization to be had for the MK fighters. More as we get it then.


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