iPhone 4 Unveiled, Drooling Begins

My next phone/console.

Apple just formally introduced the iPhone 4 today, and man, is it awesome. Of course it’s the same model that got ‘leaked’ some time ago on Gizmodo, but today was the first time that we actually got to find out about the actual specs and features of the latest coming of the Messiah Phone. The way this precision-made instrument has been described in the Apple Keynote, you get the impression that the iPhone 4 is the smartphone equivalent of a samurai katana. It’s that slick.

HD Video Recording? Video Calls? 5 Megapixel Camera? 960 x 640 resolution screen? iPad-level processing power? Gyroscope? Kitchen Sink?

Yeah, I know specs are always good on paper, but Apple’s track record and my own experience with their iDevices has made me a believer. I know exactly what I’ll be upgrading to in a few months.

What this will mean for iPhone (or indeed, any mobile gaming) games and if I will have to freakin’ re-encode my damn video library AGAIN remains to be seen. But damn, I’ve seen the future, and it’s two pieces of shiny black, scratch-proof glass between a sliver of stainless steel. Awesome.


One Response to “iPhone 4 Unveiled, Drooling Begins”

  1. gslimjim98 Says:

    i am quite pissed that STILL verizon doesn’t get this phone. i thought the contract with AT&T was suppose to end then all of a sudden the get the phone i believe verzion deserves. oh well, the droid is looking very smexy to me maybe they will start making games for it also lol

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