Musing About Tekken 7 Part 1: Characters and Conflicts

It’s coming. But who’ll be coming along with it?

Tekken 7 is coming. No ifs or buts about it. When remains an unknown at this point, but it could be anytime from early next year onwards. I’m inclined to think that the game won’t be a huge leap from Tekken 6, in that it will probably still use the same graphics engine or technology, albeit with new elements, new gameplay mechanics, new characters and tweaked stuff all around.
That said, it should still appear on the current generation of consoles, and thus shouldn’t take as long as the last installment did coming to our hands. At least, I hope. Anyway, what are the things we can expect from the next Tekken? What would we ask to remain or go away? Here are mine.

Who’s Going, Who’s Staying. Some of the endings of Tekken 6 showed some dire straits for several fighters; notably Baek Doo San and Wang Jinrei. Perhaps both of these senior fighters will die, or retire coming into T7. Probably more of the latter, so they can always be returned in some form. Or perhaps replaced by a younger version who retains most of their moves, ala Julia replacing Michelle. Perhaps Baek can be replaced by a young female version, who’s even more of a hothead than Hwoarang… wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace for ‘Rang- having a female TKD Padawan (ala Clone Wars) under his wing.
How about Heihachi Mishima? His voice actor, Daisuke Gori, passed away recently, and while it’s pretty slim, there may be a chance that they would retire his character because of this. Then again, the elder Mishima is no ordinary man, and surely Tekken wouldn’t be the same without him.

I fully expect most of the cast from Tekken 6 to return, including all the newcomers from T6. Bob may or may not return as he was in the last game, depending on what his Tekken 6 ending really was. Miguel and Leo’s storylines were left dangling, and need only take up where they left off. As for Zafina, all she needs is to see another prophecy of doom for her to slink out of the shadows again to fight. The Bloodline Rebellion loveteam of Lars and Alisa should still be a player in the surely-still-ragin Zaibatsu/G-Corp war, as a generally benign third party and perhaps continued main protagonists.

Bottom-line, a big time leap ala Tekken 3 is pretty unlikely, and shearing the cast to the bare minimum ala Tekken 4 would cause a cataclysm akin to Dogs and Cats, Living Together and Mass Hysteria to erupt onto Namco-Bandai.

What of Jin Kazama? Was he dead or alive at the end of the last game’s Scenario Campaign? It would be safe to say that if he was dead, he won’t stay that way for long. No, Jin will be back, that’s a given. Will he be evil still, or fighting to redeem himself, or GASP be stricken by amnesia? We’ll just have to see.

New Faces. If all the past Tekken games have taught us anything, it’s this- ANYTHING goes when it comes to new fighters. We’ve seen robots, cyborgs, animals, demons, martial artists, commandos, fat guys, people from all over the globe… even a space ninja! What else could the Tekken Team do? What HAVEN’T they done?
How about a child fighter (whose diminuative stature may kinda make him like Yoda in SCIV)- think Hit Girl from Kick-Ass. A Filipino stick-fighter like Harada-san hinted at during his trip to Manila? A grapple-heavy fighter ala the Gracies? How about a ladies man-type of character?

One thing I think is pretty likely- the return of Kunimitsu. I’ll call it now. A lot of people asked for her the last time, maybe they’ll see the kunoichi return in T7.

There are so many possibilites, but I think we can be sure that the Tekken Team won’t try to disappoint or anger fans and gamers by rocking the boat too much. More additions rather than omissions, perhaps the return of old faces and a surprise or two. And surely something wild and out of left field to make us either smile or go WTF. Just be prepared… it should be pretty cool.


19 Responses to “Musing About Tekken 7 Part 1: Characters and Conflicts”

  1. Ashesfall Says:

    I just hope they tweak the game a little but but i dont think so because of the 7 in the name.

    what i want/wish:
    – throwbreak -12 frames to make throws punishable so no noob will abuse it anymore like this days -.-

    – 2 new fighters + an a old one – kunimitsu ^^ (like dr did with drag lil and ak)
    one idea from me is a punkstyle fighter

    – more fighter they can wallgrab

    – only 1-3 new moves we have enough if you ask me

    – i dont want a character making tool like sc have

    – make some outfits damageable or breakable – like an armor or kick off an helm damaged glasses, make dirtstages so if you fall down your outfit is durty.

    – give yoshi a gineric d1/db1/d2/db2 ^^

    ps: sorry for my english i am german ^^

  2. they need something revolutionary like a stage creator or you can create your own effect or move for a custom made character

  3. and kind of a way to make the end of fights more epic by having you input onscreen commands projocted onto the fighter eg for paul press X for finisher bone breaker or press Y for lightning fist ( upgraded burning fist )

  4. Tekken 3 and tag tournament are the best tekken to date go back to the beggining
    the worst for a fighting game is add more characters and graphics, that does´t work for a good fighting game.
    I mean why SF 2 is the best 2D fighting ever because have few characters and movements and why the first soul calibur was the best?.
    Tekken 3 was the only one tekken that gamespot score 9.9.
    the first Virtua fighters was the best too.
    We need more games like that
    Old school games 4ever

  5. Personally i agree with every thing that was already mentioned… yet there are still a few things.

    CHARACTERS: What ever happen to that old guy Dr. Boskonovitch (spelling is unsure). From what i remember I think he was supposed to die in T3 but Yoshimitsu saved him. He may have died from old age but when he was usable his style of fighting was very funny considering he could only stand for a short while and then had to fight while laying down most of the time.
    Then there’s Alex from T2. Now I do know that in the animei movie Alex was the prototype robot that was out in the jungle. all of them were destroyed yet in T2 the game his move set was the same as Roger’s just as Kuma and Panda starting in T3.
    Then of course everybody is talking about Kunimitsu returning “yyeeeessssss!” (hopefully). However there was that one unique character from T3… GON. I think it would be cool to have him return for T7. I don’t remember him dying or any thing of the sort. his ending was just a happy little dream.
    Those are the characters i would like to see return even though there are others that weren’t in T6 like:
    Jun Kazama- because she died
    Michelle Chang- because she died
    Tetsujin- (the metal mokujin) for reasons unknown
    Angel- I think because Jun wasn’t there
    Forest Law- in the hospital
    All of the old JACKs- because they are old
    Jinpachi- because he died
    Tiger Jackson- (the disco dancing Eddy) for reasons unknown
    Unknown- because of reasons unknown
    Combot- I think because there’s already a mokujin
    Ogre- because he died
    True Ogre- because he died even though he was stronger than when he
    was Ogre
    Then of course there is Devil. Now the thing about Devil is that all three (Hehachi, Kazuya, and Jin) possess the devil gene; and i think Lars might have it. Yet it is only risen within Kazuya and Jin. So Jin becomes Devil Jin just as Ogre becomes True Ogre or Jun becomes Angle. Then there is Kazuya becoming Devil. Now I know there is already a Devil Jin but would it be crazy or more even if the original Devil was also in the new T7. Jin to Devil Jin and Kazuya to Devil.
    Oh… and one more thing about characters… Bob should come back as a skinny dude (Lol). At least his speed and flexibility would make sense. Also another side mode would be nice. Maybe one like another Tekken Ball mode similar to the one in T3.

  6. I hope the new character for T7 is Ip Man , Wing Chun fighting style. And also have to be someone replacing Baek Doo San, i totally agree with your idea.. New girl with Baek TKD old style =D

  7. taron white Says:

    I agree with most of the stuff hear.I just hope they add good new charcters in the next game that will make me even more pumped up to buy it with a good twisted storyline that will keep all tekken fans happy.I also hope they bring back some old faces like Jun Kazama,Kunimistu,Forest Law,Michelle Chang etc.And one more thing i hope tekken 7 has is no bull**** scenario campain.Please namco bring back the original story mode(like in tekken 5)with real good excited cutscenes so we can see characters react with other characters in their own indiviual stoyline

  8. i hope they stil put jack in the game series and give him a bigger rol

  9. i agree with most ppl’s coments it should be a mixture of new characters aswell as all the old, would loveee to see gon back, but hopefully it doesn’t turn out a dissapointment…… just cant wait till it cums outt!!!!!!

  10. forgot to mention that hopefully in story mode its like tk5 where theres little character scenes would love to see a version of devil lars in the new tekken hopefully they make him

  11. dont worry Says:

    please if Katsuhiro Harada (director) or namco if you’se are reading this make the PSP the same as ps3 with the modes in everyway the graphics are impossible to get like ps3 but please make the modes the same

  12. dont worry Says:

    thanks but i don’t have any twitter or facebook if anyone can send the message please don’t hesitate (:

  13. I have tekken in my PSP but not tekken 7 it”s tekken 6

  14. so, u have time to say all that n u cant post anything about christie? Her grandpa died for crying out loud! (but i hope they keep her. She’s my fav. Plus i wanna see whatll happen with her and jin. Maybe itll be romantic! I hope so! LOL!

  15. Elon Capers Says:

    I think that the makers of Tekken should put Forrest law, instead of Marshall law in the game. I also think that Dr.B should be put back in the game. Putting Violet back in the game is a must. It would be great to see Violet and Lee go at it. For one, they look like the same person, and if their put in the same game, we would finally know that they arent. Now as fare as new characters go, knock yourselves out. Just dont foreget to bring something new to the table, some figure Tekken players have never seen.


    To all the ppl that want to see Gon come back, hes not gonna, hes not owned by Tekken or Namco. he was just a guest character, and Elon. Violet and Lee are the same ppl he disguised himslef and revealed his identity in his ending, maybe as an extra costume? and spirit, please, never say christie and jin have a thing, thats impossible, I bet u got that idea from the movie. I rlly want to see Jun return but unlikely, Kunimitsu unlikely because of popularity reasons, they say they have all the “data” for those characters and they decided they were too unpopular, devil will definately be back, and I mean DEFINATELY. Jin and Heihachi are definately coming back, they’ve got young heihachi in tag 2 and are probs gonna turn that into a canon story in Tekken 7. Unkown and other characters fron the tag tournament series may not make an appearence because tag tournament is not part of the story. and yes, I do want all these AWESOME characters to return like Jun and Kunimitsu and Devil, but its pretty unlikely Jun and Kuni will come back. Forest Law should definately come back, but with different moves of course, like maybe a little story for him like, he and his dad are fighting and they both enter the tournament, he does not want to fight with his dad’s style so he learns a new one? Id like to see them return. Now, new characters….. MAKE THEM GOOD NAMCO. Um, I agree with whoever said they want some hot chick thats like a punk. That’d be the best. awesome new characters, and for the story, I’d actually like some1 not part of the Mishima family (including Lars and Lee) to win a tournament. Perhaps King? Or Miguel? So many possibilities, but we probs wont see in like 4 years coz of all the other tekken stuff going around like Tag 2 or 3ds or blood vengeance. I’d love to have a guest character such as Ezio Auditore or Desmond MIles? some1 kool like them. Or maybe ME as a guest lol. THose were my ideas for what should be in tekken 7. Oh and Namco I have a request I’d be so happy if u remixed…….. KAZUYA’S TEKKEN 2 ARCADE THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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