Tekken vs Streetfighter?!

The Kartel just posted a very intriguing rumor that a ‘reliable source’ has made it known that Namco-Bandai and Capcom are working on a crossover fighter- Tekken vs Streetfighter. Even better, supposedly this project just may be seen this coming E3. Is this true? As referenced, it’s not impossible for NB and The Big C to work together- remember Namco X Capcom?

What would such a crossover game entail? Surely it will be in 3D. How will it look? Will it go Tekken’s look, which is more realistic and solid, or will it go the SF look, more colorful and more stylized, cartoony characters? I say go real-ish; I wanna see what the SF characters would look like if they stepped into Tekken 6. Perhaps even better, maybe we can select a visual style?

More importantly though, how will it play? How will the 3D fighting style of Tekken, with it’s tons of moves, be equalized with SF’s more limited stable of moves, although loaded with projectiles, supers and EX-specials?

A truly wicked rumor that intrigues me to no end. The more you think about it, the more crazy this sounds. But crazy or not, it should be pretty awesome if it actually happens. I say, I’m all for it. Let’s see this happen. More as we get it then.

Thanks to ZeroX for the heads up!


5 Responses to “Tekken vs Streetfighter?!”

  1. it’s just rumors

  2. these arent rumours there is an interveiw on youtube of both directors talking about it…. it goes for 24 minutes but bottom line is that its announced and not rumours

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